Project administrator



Position title

Project administrator


Key and functional tasks of the department

Administration and support for research projects of the Institution


Key and functional tasks of the position

Provide organizational and administrative support, as well as to take part in research projects. Perform other duties and assignments within the goals, objectives and laboratory needs, including:

– Conduct methodological support for project investigators and the preparation of project documents, guide the external examination of project documents, execute and maintain contracts, partnership agreements and other agreements;

– Participate in the organization of scientific conferences, seminars and travel arrangements of members of the project team;

– Participate in the coordination of delivery of annual project reports;

– Budget request formation of research projects for the financial year in accordance with the managed research project;

– Participate in the planning of the budget for scientific research, staffing, research laboratories, consulting services in the distribution of the budget for the financial year

– to assist in the conclusion and implementation of the partnership agreement, to search for potential partners, prepare the necessary documents for the procurement procedures;

– To ensure the establishment of contacts between scientific project participants and key partners on matters relevant to the implementation of the project;

         Draw up and maintain contracts, partnership agreements and other agreements, to take part in attracting and interacting partners for joint cooperation in the field of science;



Bachelor’s degree in: Management, Economics, Finance, Technology Management, Law or Biology, Biotehnology


Required professional background (duration, sphere, branches and etc.)

Work experience in project management at least 1 year (including experience/training in research organizations), contracts management.


Professional knowledge and personal attributes

Project management skills. Organizational skills, communication skills, teamwork skills, ability to handle stress. Ability to work with people of different cultures and ages


Level of language proficiency, including state, (indicate languages)

Fluency in English, Kazakh and Russian


Computer skills  (programmes, level)

Advanced user of PC