Manager (Sports Center) of the Department of Student Affairs


AOE “Nazarbayev University”


Job title

Manager (Sports Center) of the Department of Student Affairs


Main functional responsibilities of the department

To plan, arrange and perform any activity related to student affairs at the University


Main functional duties

Assisting Manager of the Department and Senior Sports Manager in all respects of their activities;

Arranging physical education and sporting contests and events among students, employees and faculty of the University;

Facilitating promotion of all-round development of students of the University and arranging Activities as part of promotion of healthy lifestyle;

Cooperation with other divisions of the University to promote sport and physical education;

Establishment and development of cooperation with Kazakhstani and foreign universities and youth organizations; Taking part in consultation with structural divisions of the University within his/her competence;

Agreement of decisions taken by structural divisions of the University on matters within his/her competence, and elimination of revealed shortcomings;

Analysis of sporting activities, preparation of general reports on promotion of sport among students;

Examining and analyzing experience of other universities in physical education, making proposals to implement and improve this experience;

Making proposals and involvement in drafting regulations and requirements, plans, programs, and recommendations related to education;

Making proposals to the management on sport and physical education development on campus;

Timely and duly distribution of information materials related to the sporting life (announcements, posters, etc.) at the University.


Business trips




Higher education degree, received from the universities of North America, Europe or universities using western education system, and records of social activity in university


Desired work experience 

Professional work experience in the field of higher education not less than two years, one of which is related to student affairs

experience of working with youth and youth\sport organizations

experience of working  in multicultural environment

Positive attitude and capacity to plan and adjust to changes.

The ability to cooperate effectively in a complicated organizational structure

Good interpersonal and verbal and written communication skills. Professional experience in the field relevant to the main duties and tasks of the position.

Working knowledge of a database managing program necessary for the office


Professional knowledge and personal qualities

Enjoys working with youngsters

Analytical skills

Ability to work effectively both individually and in a team.

Professional experience of working with representatives of different cultures

Knowledge of the education systems of the US, EU and other countries

Knowledge of the Kazakh education system, culture and history is desirable

Ability to work effectively in constrained time limits

Knowledge of basic ethical principles and business communication, as well as procedures of carrying out business correspondence

Ability to make decisions

Patient manner

Ability to work well under pressure


Proficiency in languages, including the state language

Good verbal and written English language skills are required
Good verbal and written Kazakh and Russian language skills are desirable


Computer skills

Working knowledge of a database managing program, including Microsoft Office and Access necessary when working with students

Understanding programs generating report information required in the academic environment and when working with students


Last date of CV submission

Until the vacancy is filled