Manager, School of Engineering (maternity leave cover)


Manager, School of Engineering



Manager, School of Engineering  (maternity leave cover)


Key and functional tasks of the School

§   Planning and organization of the educational process in the field of engineering

§   Establishment and development of partnerships with leading national and international universities, research and other organizations.

§   Within the scope of competence, participating in negotiations and drafting of agreements (memorandums and contracts) with national and international partners

§   Assisting in development of the University technological base


Key and functional tasks of the position

The Manager is responsible for a range of functions contributing to the effectiveness of the educational system of the School of Engineering:

§   Participation in the planning and organization of the educational process for undergraduate programs at the School of Engineering

§   Consultation and assistance to students studying under the undergraduate’s program of the School, on academic achievement, the organization of the educational process and other activities

§   Participation in the development of draft agreements (memorandums and contracts) with the partners of the School

§    Providing consulting and information support to the teaching staff, applicants and students of the School regarding the academic process of the School, its programs, goals, norms and regulations in order to ensure the high quality of educational services;

§   Coordination of activities related to the process of admission of students to Undergraduate’s programs, as well as their subsequent orientation and adaptation in the School;

§   Ensuring the preparation of necessary information, reporting and statistical data on the educational process and on student progress in the Undergraduate’s program of the School;

§    Control of attendance of classes and academic achievement of students studying under the Undergraduate’s program of the School;

§    Carrying out of activities jointly with the interested structural divisions of the University to organize the process of passing the production practice by students, stipulated by the Undergraduate’s program of the School

§    Preparation of documents, organization and holding of a committee for teaching and teaching of the School

§    Organization and participation in the activities of the School

§    Participation and all-round assistance in issues related to the implementation of effective marketing policy to promote the School

§    Performance of other duties and assignments within the goals, tasks and needs of the School.


Business trips




Higher professional education in the relevant field: (management in education, education and management policy, international education policy)

Master’s degree is preferable.


Desired professional experience

With Master’s degree, professional experience should be not less than 1 year in the areas corresponding to functional areas of a specific position; or with Bachelor’s or Specialist degree, work experience should be at least 3 years in the areas corresponding to the functional areas of a given position in the public service, international and/or national companies, or at least 2 years of work experience at AOE “Nazarbayev University”


Professional knowledge and personal qualities

§   Analytical abilities

§   Communication skills

§   Ability to work both individually and in a team

§   Stress-resistance

§   Susceptibility to other cultures

§   Developed written and oral communication skills

§   Ability to find quick solutions to emerging challenges

§   Responsibility for decisions and actions taken


Proficiency in languages, including state language

Good oral and written command of English and Russian is required; good oral and written command of Kazakh is preferred


Computer skills

Computer literacy, proficiency in Microsoft Office package



Until position is filled