Manager of Department of IT architecture




Manager of Department of IT architecture of the «Nazarbayev University Library & IT Services» private entity 


Main functional responsibilities of the department:

Department of IT architecture is responsible for planning of IT architecture – University’s infrastructure, implementation and support of the decisions that compose IT-infrastructure.


Main functional duties:

Manager’s typical duties include as follows:

– participation in selection and analysis of implementation technologies and IT integration, enterprise IT applications;

– participation in design of architecture of IT-infrastructure;

– project management of IT implementation and integration , enterprise applications;

– participation in projects of application development and the process of enhancing their quality and efficiency;

– technical writing (terms of reference, instructions, guidelines and etc.) ;

– project documentation development (program description) and  operating documentation for the software developed 





Desired work experience:

Work experience – not less than 2 years.

Experience of implementing infrastructure decisions (not less than 1 large project)


Professional competence and personal qualities:

– knowledge of SOA conception and  design experience of  SOA applications, applying one of the products: IBM WebSphere, JBoss, Sun GlassFish, SAP NetWeaver, Oracle Application Server, MS SharePoint or any equivalent;

– advanced user and experience of enterprise applications integration (EAI), applying system bus, integration adapters and web-services;

– experience of architecture design and functionality of web-oriented IT, including application of various technologies RICH Client;

– Advanced user and understanding principles of key data transfer and exchange protocols;

 – advanced user and ability to apply national and international standards in the field of IT;

– knowledge and ability to apply notations of business-process description and  formalization of software requirements;

– advanced user and experience of developing web-applications, applying NET or J2EE;

– knowledge of cooperative application programming, applying products SVN, CVS or equivalent;

– skills to work with  DBMS Oracle, IBM DB2, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL or MySQL, knowledge of Cache or Sybase is desirable;

– advanced user of operating systems Linux and MS Windows;

– knowledge and experience of developing and maintaining portal decisions;

– knowledge and experience of developing and maintaining electronic documentation management system;

– participation in development and implementation of enterprise IT;

– knowledge of software products line-up of primary vendors (Oracle, IBM, Microsoft)


Language skills:

Knowledge of State and Russian languages. Ability to understand technical documentation in English.


CV deadline:

until position is filled