Manager of Business Incubator


Key and functional tasks of the department

1)  Development and implementation of tools to support innovative projects at an early stage of development

2)  Popularization and training of technological entrepreneurship basics;

3)  Organization and provision of business incubation services for innovative projects.

Key and functional tasks of the position

1)  Search and attraction of business partners, mentors, experts interested in cooperation in the framework of ongoing activities on business incubation of innovative projects

2)  Support of innovative projects in obtaining business incubation services;

3)  Expansion and keeping up-to-date of the database of innovative projects of interest to the Business Incubator;

4)  Monitoring the implementation of innovative projects;

5)  Participation in the implementation of a set of measures aimed at accelerating the development of innovative projects implemented on the basis of the Innovation Cluster of Nazarbayev University

6)  Implementation of a set of measures aimed at attracting external sources of financing innovative projects


Bachelor’s degree/master’s degree in the field: business administration, economics and marketing, innovation management, strategic management, innovation development, natural sciences, engineering sciences. Diploma of completion of a foreign university is welcome.

Desired professional experience

Work experience in the field of innovations development, management of innovative/technological projects for at least 2 years.

Professional knowledge and personal qualities

Ability to work effectively on an individual basis and as a member of the domestic and international team;

Experience of work with representatives of different cultures;

Ability to function effectively within the limited time constraints;

Reports, policy briefs, letters writing skills;

Interpersonal and organizational skills.

Proficiency in languages

Kazakh (oral / written) – fluent [preferable];

English (oral / written) – fluent [required];

Russian (oral / written) – fluent [required].

Computer skills

A highly trained PC user (Microsoft Office)


Until position is filled