Manager of Business Accelerator




Manager, Business Accelerator


Key and functional tasks of the Department

·       The functions and activities for external fund resources attraction for research implementation aimed at the development of Nazarbayev University Innovation Cluster.

·       Consultations on business iacceleration of innovation projects.

·       Assisting in the creation and development of start-up companies.

·       Support for start-up companies to conduct marketing research.

·       Promoting participation of startup companies in business forums, exhibitions, and seminars.

·       Participation in the development and implementation of the strategic objectives established within the competence of the department.


Key and functional tasks of the position

·       Participation in defining the best way to market entry: a startup company of innovation projects.

·       Attracting investors, other sources of funding.

·       Conducting a marketing research, preparation of business plans.

·       Assistance in promoting the product of startup companies, potential customers search.

·       Promoting participation of startup companies in business forums, exhibitions, and seminars.

·       Attracting researchers and developers to cooperate in the implementation of projects.

·       Negotiations with potential clients, preparation of contracts, assistance in the conclusion and implementation of partnership agreements.



Bachelor or Master’s degree with specialization in business development, entrepreneurship, technology commercialization. Preference is given to have practical experience of doing business and attracting investments.


Desired professional experience (duration, sphere, and other)

Not less than 2 years in the areas corresponding to the functional areas of the position


Professional knowledge and personal qualities

Knowledge of the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the status of “Nazarbayev University” , “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” and “Nazarbayev Fund “,” On Education” and legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan regulating relations in the areas corresponding to the specialization of this position.
Sociability, energy, ability to work individually, as well as with a team, responsible, systematic approach to problem solving, punctuality.


Proficiency in languages, including state language, (list of languages)

Fluency in Kazakh, Russian and English is required


Computer skills

Professional use of office equipment, good skills in office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Project, etc.), Kazakhstani legislation electronic databases.



Until position is filled