Manager of Access Control Service (ACS), USM ASTANA LLP


ACS Manager’s duties are as follows:

  • Timely report for duty wearing official uniform;
  • Inquiring of shifting person about guarded facility status;
  • Ensuring availability of required documents, seals, tangible assets accounting and register;
  • Accepting assets, reporting to line manager about dates of duties performance commencement;
  • Ensuring safe-keeping of tangible assets, setting internal security policy within guarded area;
  • Supervising removal and delivery of tangible assets, keeping visitors log book and  tangible assets register;
  • Prevent entering the University campus by following persons:

   – Under alcohol or drug intoxication, mentally disabled;

   – Homeless persons and persons involved in retailing;

– Armed persons except for  law enforcement officials performing their duties upon presenting service certificate;

  • Ensure compliance of persons with internal rules of conduct and fire safety rules; compliance of students living in dormitory with internal accommodation rules;
  • Assisting in delivering medical support or any other support to persons suffered from security incident, car accident, natural disaster or any other emergencies;
  • Prevent any political or religious events within University campus;
  • Inspect area on each floor every 2 hours, and offices every hour within guarded area;
  • Contact hourly shift supervisor and other managers at neighboring facility of the University by radio and telephone;
  • Ensuring that University surrounding area is kept clean and tidy, involve cleaning staff if needed;
  • Ensuring service of security and fire alarms in the University blocks, premises and classrooms;
  • Compliance with security rules and fire security regulations;
  • Immediately notify a shift supervisor of Dispatching department of USM Astana in the event of security and fire alarms actuation;
  • Investigate alarms actuation reasons;
  • Upon emergency situations and natural disasters:

–  notify Dispatching department of USM Astana;

–  call emergency operations service;

– evacuate people involving ACS staff members if required;

– make efforts to ensure safe-keeping of physical and tangible assets;

19) Upon detection of any explosive items :

 –  enclose the area and prevent entering area by persons;

–  inform shift supervisor of ACS;

– notify Local Law Enforcement Agency, Emergency Department;   

–  inspect facility and surrounding area;

– inform police officers about incident upon their arrival.

20) Procedure for traffic flow and parking rules on University campus:

      – drivers are allowed to enter and park on the University campus based on parking pass or a single visitor pass issued by Check point upon requesting permission;

      –  Manager makes relevant record in log book if authorized taxi vehicles enter  University campus of a single color, with T (taxi) letter and upon availability of user’s ID card;

      – Manager daily inspects the area to ensure parking arrangement as per parking pass.

21)  Drawing up of written report and informing shift supervisor upon shift end.

  • Timely and duly performs any other instructions of a line manager and USM Astana management within his/her job duties;

In the event of dismissal or transfer to a different position, transfer all documents and information to relevant persons, while physical assets that he\she is accounted for shall be transferred to the accountable persons of the University.