Manager of the Department for Economic Planning and Analysis (for the period of replacement of employee on maternity leave)


AOE “Nazarbayev University”


Job title:

Manager of the Department for Economic Planning and Analysis


Key and functional tasks of the department

Formation of the annual (mid-term) budget of the University.

Control and analysis of actual execution of the budget.

Formation of financing in the educational field and other services;

Accounting and analysis of the costs of services (works, goods).


Key and functional tasks of the position

Participation in the project on automation of budgeting processes in the University’s subsidiaries (Participation in the analysis of automation requirements from subsidiaries and the University, setting automation tasks);

Participation in the development of regulatory and reference information, as well as the development of regulations for the use of 1C: Enterprise;

Participation in the development of methodological materials for the project and methodical support of users from the University’s affiliated organizations during their work in the 1C: Enterprise system;

Control over the progress of the project, regular reporting on the progress of the project;

Analysis of draft budgets of the University’s subsidiaries and reports on its implementation, compilation of operational summary reports, preparation of conclusions for them;

Ensuring the timely and qualitative execution of tasks and instructions of the management, based on the functions and tasks assigned to the Department.



 higher economic or financial education


 Desired professional experience (duration, sphere, and other)

Work experience at least 2 years in financial and economic sphere;

or at least 1 year of work experience subject to the completion of training in higher educational institutions having high credit ratings;

Experience in projects on automation of budgeting processes is welcome.

Experience in conducting business and official correspondence.


Professional knowledge and personal qualities

Analytical skills (the forecast on the basis of available data);
Skills of preparation of analytical materials (explanatory notes);
Stress-resistance, sociability, initiative, commitment and teamwork.


Computer skills (programs, computer literacy):

High level of using PC, database work experience as well as in the 1C system is mandatory;

Ability to work with Microsoft Office suite programs (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)


Proficiency in languages, including state language, (list of  languages)

Excellent oral and written skills of the Kazakh/Russian are required. Knowledge of English is welcome.


Final date of CV submission

Till position is filled.