Manager, Admissions Department



Job Title:

Manager, Admissions Department


Key and functional tasks of the department:

Planning, implementation and arrangement of student recruitment and admission to the University undergraduate and graduate programs


Key and functional tasks of the position:

To implement strategic recruitment and admission plan for the University preparatory program, undergraduate and graduate programs;

To plan, organize and implement the recruitment campaign;

To prepare operational reports, including statistical data;

To process applications;

To prepare materials on applicants and their personal files for the Admissions Committees of the academic programs;

To manage data bases of the applicants, managing the correspondence and structural divisions’ requests, providing responses in due time to individuals’ requests, within the Department competence;



Business trips within Kazakhstan



High-professional, diploma from a western-style university is preferable


Desired professional experience (duration, sphere, and other):

Not less than two years of professional experience in a higher educational institution and/or a non-governmental organization, in public relations, project management in education and/or corporative management after graduation from internationally high ranked universities


Professional knowledge and personal qualities:

Analytical skills (ability to perform forecasts on data analysis);

Ability to work effectively in team;

Knowledge of secondary and higher education systems in Kazakhstan, foreign systems as well;

Communication, stress management and conflict management skills, responsibility


Proficiency in languages, including state language, (list of languages):

Fluent Kazakh, English and Russian;

Excellent public speaking and writing skills (Russian, Kazakh and English)


Computer skills (programs, computer literacy):

Advanced level of computer knowledge (MS Office 95\98\2000\2007, MS Windows 95\98\XP\Vista, Internet )


Deadline for CV submission:

Until position is filled