Lead researcher (for the duration of the MoES research project)




Lead researcher (for the duration of the MoES research project)


The main functional responsibilities of the structural unit:

Assist the project lead in the implementation of the main objectives and activities of the project.


Key and functional tasks 

Participates in the formation of the institution’s research plans and is directly involved in their implementation:

participates in the formation of research directions, in the organisation of work programmes and in the determination of methods and means of their execution;

co-ordinates the work of the co-executives in the areas under his supervision; 

participates in the analysis and synthesis of findings from world and domestic science in the relevant field;

participates in the scientific examination of research projects and the results of completed research and developments; 

participates in determining the scope of application of the research results and in their practical implementation;

Works independently on the preparation of research projects and applies for domestic and international grants;

participates in scholarly, qualification, scientific councils and editorial boards of scientific journals;

Provides training and professional development for scientists and participates in the training of specialists with higher education in the relevant field (lecturing, supervision of seminars, dissertations, etc.);

Conducts research and development on individual sections (stages, assignments) of a topic in accordance with approved methodologies, and engages in rationalization research;

Summarizes, analyses the results obtained and publishes them in peer-reviewed international and national scientific journals;

Participates in performing experiments, conducts observations and measurements, composes their descriptions and formulates conclusions; studies scientific and technical information;

Required qualifications:

– higher education, PhD degree;

– at least 7 years of work experience in the field of scientific research;

– experience in leading research projects that have been implemented in practice;

– Availability of papers and publications in foreign journals with an impact factor and reports at international conferences;

– Hirsch index;

– knowledge of English


Business trips:

To be able to travel to attend conferences and to carry out project tasks in other localities



University degree in biological sciences (biology, biotechnology, molecular biology, etc.) PhD degree in biological sciences.


Desired professional qualifications/experience

Experience in carrying out research projects for at least 7 years. Publications in a journal listed in Scopus and/or Web of Science database.


Professional knowledge

Strong communication skills; high ability to cooperate and work in a team and with project partners.


Personal qualities

The candidate should have a high sense of

responsibility and self-management.


Proficiency in languages, including state language, (list of languages)

Knowledge of English is mandatory


Computer skills:

Proficiency in MS Office (Excel, Power Point, Word)



Until selecting the candidate corresponding to the


above requirements.