Laboratory technician, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Laboratory Centre of School of Engineering



Key and functional tasks of the Department

·  To assist in conducting laboratory sessions to faculty members of the School of Engineering;

·  To keep laboratory equipment in operative condition;

·  To prepare manuals of practical and laboratory classes in accordance with the instructions of the faculty members of the School of Engineering and the available equipment and reagents;

·  To ensure compliance with safety rules in laboratories.  


Key and functional tasks of the position

·  To prepare laboratories and equipment for practical classes;

·  To assist the teacher assistants in preparation for laboratory sessions and during practical classes;

·  To conduct trial tests for the practical classes;

·  To guide the safe and correct use of equipment;

·  To analyze the need for laboratory equipment, consumables, reagents, based on expenditures;

·  To process applications for the purchase of laboratory equipment, consumables.



Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in of Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Desired professional experience (duration, sphere, and other)

Experience handling laboratory equipment would be an asset.

Knowledge on the fundamental safety regulations while working on laboratory equipment.


Professional knowledge and personal qualities

·         Ability to work effectively as an individual basis and as a member of the domestic and international team; 

·         Work experience with representatives from different cultures;

·         Interpersonal skills;

·         Ability to work with students.


Proficiency in languages, including state language, (list of languages)

·   English –being to communicate verbally very well and business writing skills. Interview will be held in English;

·   Russian (spoken/written) – Fluent;

·   Kazakh (spoken/written) – Fluency would be an asset.


Computer skills

A highly trained PC user (Microsoft Office)


Occupation type:

Full occupation, full working day



Until position is filled