Laboratory Coordinator, Physics Department: School of Science and Technology



Laboratory Coordinator, Physics Department: School of Science and Technology

Key and functional tasks of the function

Primary objectives of the Laboratory Coordinator are as follows:

·         To assist School Physics faculty with the procurement of Physics-related equipment and consumables including quotations collecting, budgeting, technical specification filing and translation, submission of procurement requests, acceptance of procured Physics equipment and consumables and taking part in the equipment installation and training procedures

·         To efficiently interface with School faculty, administration, engineering services, local suppliers, LAs and TAs

·         To assist School faculty with TAs and LAs management

·         To organize all Physics teaching equipment into proper cabinets

·         To assist Physics faculty in designing, preparing, setting up and conducting Physics teaching laboratories, experiments and demonstrations

·         To keep and maintain laboratory equipment in good operating condition and coordinate equipment maintenance and repair;

·         To keep and update the inventory of all Physics-related teaching and research equipment and consumables

·         To ensure safety rules in Physics research and teaching laboratories;

·         To coordinate with School faculty and oversee on a periodic basis the procurement needs of additional teaching laboratory equipment, consumables and reagents


·         Master degree, specialist or bachelor’s degree in:

Physics, Instrumentation, Electronics or closely related field of Science or Engineering

Professional competence and personal qualities

·         At least 1 year of working experience with instructional and/or research laboratory equipment;

·         excellent knowledge of safety basics during the work on laboratory equipment;

·         Mobility;

·         Detail-oriented;

·         Effective work with equipment and documents;

·         Work ethics;

·         Ability to work effectively on an individual basis and as a member of cross-functional international team;

·         Experience of working with different cultures;

·         Interpersonal and organizational skills.

Proficiency in languages

Fluency in Kazakh, Russian, English (oral and writing skills) languages.

Computer Literacy

A highly trained PC user.

Deadline for CV

Until position is filled.