Laboratory assistant: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Engineering


Position name

Laboratory assistant: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Engineering

Key and functional tasks of the function

Primary objectives of the function are as follows:

–     To help in conducting laboratory session of the School;

–     To keep and maintain laboratory equipment in good condition;

–     To prepare plans of practical and laboratory classes in accordance with the instructions of the faculty members, and the available equipment and reagents;

–     To ensure following of the safety rules in laboratories;  

–     To assist in design and setting up the laboratories

Key and functional tasks of the position

–     To work closely with Teaching Assistants and Faculty members of the School in preparation for laboratory sessions;

–     To conduct pilot tests for the practical exercises;

–     To brief on the safe and proper use of equipment;

–     To analyze the need for laboratory equipment, consumables, reagents, on the basis of costs;

–     To process applications for purchasing the laboratory equipment, consumables and reagents.

–     To maintain adequate inventory;

–     To train Teaching Assistants assigned to each laboratory session and course;

–     To implement the safety plan of the School and the University, including maintenance of records;

–     To assist in course related activities as assigned by Department Chair/ Dean.


Master degree, specialist or bachelor’s degree in:

–     Physics;

–     Nanotechniques;

–     Material science;

–     Mining engineering;Geology/Geosciences;

–     Geophysics;

–     Petroleum Engineering;

–     Hydrogeology;

–     Engineering sciences in metallurgy and material science;

–     Engineering sciences;

–     Genetics;

–     Molecular biology;

–     Biology;

–     Nanobiotechnology;

–     Chemistry;

–     Analytical chemistry;

–     Communications;

–     Device Fabrication

Required professional experience 

At least 1 year experience of working with laboratory equipment. Excellent knowledge of safety basics during the work on laboratory equipment.

Professional competence and personal qualities

–     Ability to work effectively on an individual basis and as a member in international team; 

–     Experience of working with different cultures;

–     Interpersonal and organizational skills.

–     Eager to work with students.

Proficiency in languages

Fluency in Kazakh, Russian, English (oral and writing skills) languages.

Computer Literacy

A highly trained PC user (Microsoft Office).

Deadline for CV

Until position is filled.