Laboratory assistant (Anthropology Laboratory), Department of Sociology and Anthropology, School of Humanities and Social Sciences




Job title:

Laboratory assistant (Anthropology Laboratory), Department of Sociology and Anthropology, School of Humanities and Social Sciences


Key and functional tasks of the department

Assisting in the delivery of teaching in the fields of Sociology and Anthropology


Key and functional tasks of the position

– ensure overall smooth operation of the Anthropology Laboratory;

– manage access to the laboratory and to the laboratory equipment for researchers and students, both in the laboratory and outside, when necessary;

– assist the school with the procurement of software, technology, laboratory material, consumables, and furniture;

– regularly check if laboratory equipment are functional and ensure maintenance and repair of equipment in accordance with developed instructions and other technical documentation;

– manage the use of laboratory supplies and equipment;

– assist in cataloging entire teaching collection and 3-D scanning collection;

– assist faculty with research and teaching tasks that require the use of the laboratory and laboratory equipment;

– monitor compliance with safety regulations and instructions for practical and laboratory works execution, equipment, reagents and biomaterials use by students; 

– assist with assignments of the respective Faculty, Department Chair and SHSS management within his/her duties and authorities.


Business trips:




Higher education, MA or MS degree, preferably with English as a language of instruction.

Preferred majors: MA in Biological Anthropology or Archeology, or BA in Anthropology, or training on the foundations of Biological Anthropology demonstrated by having taken one or two courses in one of these sub-disciplines, or having museum experience.


Desired education, knowledge and professional experience:

Over 1 year of laboratory experience, or museum experience, or experience in research assistance in Biological Anthropology or Archaelogy.


Professional knowledge:

– rules and procedures for procurement of laboratory supplies and equipment (desired);

– foundations of Biological Anthropology (desired);


Personal qualities:

Professional manner at all times, flexibility, commitment to student and faculty support, initiative, attention to quality and detail, effective social and communication skills, experience of working with different cultures, strong work ethics and reliability, problem solving skills and abilities, and commitment to ongoing professional development.


Proficiency in languages, including state language:

Given the nature of the position, a high level of English-language proficiency is required for non-native English speakers, as well as a commitment to using English at all times (other than emergencies) when communicating with staff, faculty and students.


Computer skills:

– Knowledge of MS Office (Excel, PowerPoint);

– Foundations of ArcGIS, R, or other statistical programs, and 3D scanning (desired).


Final date of CV submission:

Until position is filled