Innovation Development Officer


Key and functional tasks of the department

Ensuring effective work of institution in the field of innovation development, including Office of Commercialization (hereinafter – Office), Business incubator (hereinafter – BI) etc. Development of an innovative cluster Astana Business Campus.

Key and functional tasks of the position

– improvement of the system of commercialization and business incubation;

– organization of a business incubation program;

– commercialization of projects, search and attraction of partners;

– attraction of investments into projects;

– establishment of collaborations with foreign innovation development centers;

– attraction of leading experts (local and foreign) for work and/or collaboration with Astana Business Campus;

– coordination of the work of Office of Commercialization, Business Incubator and the others, within the framework of development of the innovative cluster Astana Business Campus.

координация работы сотрудников Офиса коммерциализации технологий, Бизнес-инкубатора и др. в рамках развития инновационного кластера Astana Business Campus.


Bachelor/Master’s degree in fields: innovation management, strategic management, marketing, innovation management, business administration, natural sciences, engineering sciences. Diploma of completion of a foreign university is welcome.

Desired professional experience (duration, sphere, and other)

Experience in leading positions in business development, technology commercialization and business incubation of start-up companies, the implementation of innovative and/or investment projects for at least 5 years;

Professional skills and personal characteristics

Skills in the project portfolio management, understanding of technological business development at different stages, to be initiative, organizational skills, communication skills, ability to work in a team, stress resistance. Ability to work with people of different cultures and age.

The level of language proficiency, including official language, (specify what languages)

Fluency in Kazakh, Russian and English languages.

Proficiency in languages, including state language, (list of languages)

High level of PC skills.

CV submission deadline

Prior to the selection of the candidate that matches above-mentioned requirements