HR & Documentation Department Senior Manager


Major functional responsibilities of the structural subdivision:

Recruitment and document management

Main job responsibilities:

Organising unified documentation in the NLA. Development of the NLA nomenclature of affairs.

Registration and timely performance of documents by the NLA employees.

Quarterly monitoring the documentation activities in the NLA and preparation of relevant reports.

Timely processing of incoming/outgoing correspondence.

Archival records management.

Assistance in obtaining work visas and registration of NLA foreign employees in the Migration service.

Maintenance of works on health insurance of NLA employees

Business travel:



Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degrees

Required work experience   (duration, sphere of activities, other)

Not less than 5 years or at least 3 years with Master’s degree

Professional competence:

Knowledge of legal acts in the sphere of documentation and Migration legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Soft competence and qualities:

Responsibility, accuracy, attentiveness.

Knowledge of languages, including the state language (list of languages, which the candidate must know)

State, Russian, English languages

Hard skills:

Computer skills

CV submission deadline:

Before selecting a candidate that meets the requirements

Contact name: