Head of the vivarium, “National Laboratory Astana”




Head of the Laboratory of  the Vivarium


Key and functional tasks of the department

Research activity in the respective field of science and equipment


Key and functional tasks of the position

– coordination the work on designing & constructing the rooms and buildings directly related to the Vivarium;

– coordination of the work on preparation for taking the accreditation according national and international standards;

– providing effective research-experimental operation of the Vivarium;

– conducting the necessary personnel policy;

– providing of efficient use of medical and laboratory equipment;

– providing cooperation with other departments and research groups at the University and outside.

– development of international scientific cooperation;

– material-and-technical equipping of the Vivarium;

– development of the Vivarium at the base of relevant reports on them.



Higher vocational education, the degree of Doctor of Science, PhD


Desired professional experience (duration, region, industry, and others.)

Availability of international publications at journals with impact factors and reports at international conferences.

Research and leadership experience at least 10 years, including experience of executive position for at least 3 years. 

Experience in:

– the Vivarium planning and operating;

– research and experiments at the field of biomedicine on small and large laboratory animals;

– conducting negotiations, international agreements execution;

– logistics and technical support for the medical & laboratory equipment used in the Vivarium or the same class of equipment complexity.

– international research collaboration.


Professional knowledge and personal qualities

Professional competence of the field of:

–  small and large laboratory animals physiology;

–  labour law;

–  basic economic indicators on the main activity of the company

Leadership and analytical thinking. Ability to work in team. 


Proficiency in languages, including state language (please specify)

Fluency in English is essential