Grants coordinator of Research Support Office



Position title

Grants coordinator of Research Support Office (maternity and baby care leave)


Key and functional tasks of the department

Maintenance of the institution in the field of administration and support and fund raising of institution’s projects/contract research, academic teaching staff and researchers of the autonomous educational organization “Nazarbayev University”.


Key and functional tasks of the position

1)     good execution of tasks and functions in due time assigned to the department;

2)     participation in the activities concerning project administration (participation in the preparation of agreements, monitoring of activities implementation under the calendar schedule of project; ensuring the proper use of project funds for the implementation; preparation of interim and final financial reports on the implementation of projects);

3)     participation in addressing all organizational and technical issues related to the support and implementation projects (searching and purchasing the goods, works and services required for the project implementation, work with local and foreign suppliers, competent authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, work with non-residents, foreign partners, experts invited to participate in a research project);

4)     participation in the preparation of information and analytical materials;

5)     participate in the drafting of reports and materials for executives speech at events held by public authorities, non-governmental organizations and associations on matters within the competence of Structural subdivisions;

6)     participation in information events in order to ensure awareness of academic teaching staff and researchers about funding opportunities;

7)      ensuring compliance with the relevant laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

8)      participation in the coordination and holding of interdisciplinary scientific work involving academic teaching staff of Schools in research of University centers;

9)      organization of an independent external expertise (evaluation) of academic teaching staff research applications and researchers of the University;

10)  Interaction with other structural subdivisions of the institution on matters within the competence of Structural subdivision.



Higher Education in the field of Economics, Finance or Project Management. Foreign university Diploma and master’s degree would be an asset.


Required professional background (duration, sphere, branches and etc.)

Work experience not less than 3 years in the area of administration and projects (including experience / training in research organizations ), as well as knowing laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the status of “Nazarbayev University”, “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools” and “Nazarbayev Fund”, “On Education” and normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Professional knowledge and personal attributes

Project management skills. Organizational skills, communication skills, teamwork skills, ability to handle stress. Analytical skills (make projections based on available data), reporting skills, analytical notes. Ability to work with people of different cultures and ages


Level of language proficiency, including state, (indicate languages)

Fluency in English, Kazakh and Russian


Computer skills  (programmes, level)

Advanced user of PC


Curriculum vitae submittal target  

Until position is filled.