Financial Manager, Department of Student Affairs



Post Title

Financial Manager, Department of Student Affairs


Key and functional tasks of the unit

Planning, budgeting, executing, and reporting on expenses of the Department, Student Government, Student Fund and students extracurricular activities


Key and functional tasks of the post

– coordinates the process of budgeting, adjustments and investment plan of the Department, including extracurricular activities;
– reports on the execution of the budget and the investment plan of the Department, including extracurricular activities;
– enters data on the budget of the Department in the information system for budgeting and proposals for its improvement and further development;
– participates in the preparation of the necessary information, reports and statistics on financial and economic issues of the Department;
– ensures the rational use of material and financial resources of the Department;
– prepares the procurement plan of the Department (goods, works and services) and provides the relevant reports on its execution to the structural units of the University;
– provides practical assistance to employees of the Department of Economic Planning, Budgeting and Analysis;
– coordinates the activities of the Budget Commission of the Student Fund and the Ministry of Finance of the Student Government;



Professional degree, preferably in western higher education institutions or in higher education institutions with courses taught in English in priority areas: economics, accounting, and financial management.


Desired professional experience (duration, region, industry, etc.)

With master’s degree the professional experience in field not less than 1 year in the areas corresponding to functional directions of the given position; or with bachelor’s degree, or professional degree, work experience in the field at least 3 years in the areas corresponding to the functional areas of the position, or at least 2 years of work experience at Nazarbayev University.


Professional knowledge and personal characteristics

– ability to work with a large amount of information;

– knowledge in the field of budgeting, financial management and accounting;

– analytic skills;

– knowledge of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of education and finance;

– critical thinking;

– decision making ability;

– planning and setting goals;

– sociability;

– building effective business relationships;

– teamwork;

– a responsibility;

– stress resistance


Language proficiency level

Good spoken and written skills of Qazaq, Russian and English languages


Personal computer skills (programs, degree of ownership)

High level of PC knowledge (Microsoft Office: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint), experience working with Oracle databases and accounting system 1C.


Deadline for submitting a CV

Until position is filled.