Engineer, Digital prototyping laboratory FabLab



Position name

Engineer, Digital prototyping laboratory FabLab


Key and functional tasks of the Department

–       creation and development of infrastructure that facilitates the implementation of projects and the development of innovative products;

–       implementation of projects based on the Digital Prototyping Laboratory;

–       сreating a community of developers, technology entrepreneurs, creative people.


Key and functional tasks of the position

–       implementation of interdisciplinary innovative projects (electronics, mechatronics, etc.) with the involvement of the University students on the basis of FabLab;

–       development of electronic circuits, boards and devices for research and innovation projects of professors and scientists of the University;

–       training on equipment for new users of Fab Lab;

–       advising Fab Lab on engineering and technical issues;

–       controlling the safe use of equipment by Fab Lab users in accordance with operating instructions and safety requirements;

–       operation and maintenance of Fab Lab equipment



Bachelor’s / Master’s degree in radio engineering and electronics, robotics, mechanical engineering. Diploma of completion of a foreign university is welcome.


Required professional experience 

–       experience in implementing engineering projects (electronics, mechatronics) for at least 3 years;

–       experience in microcontroller and / or FPGA development – welcome


Professional competence and personal qualities

–       Knowledge of electronic circuit diagrams;

–       Skills of work with measuring equipment;

–       Ability to develop printed circuit boards in specialized CAD systems (Altium, Eagle, Pcad or others)

–       Experience in the creation of printed circuit boards, their installation and debugging

–       Knowledge of rules, norms and requirements of safety, labor protection, fire safety and industrial sanitation


Proficiency in languages

Fluency in Russian;

Knowledge of English and Kazakh is welcome.


Computer Literacy

–       High level of PC ownership (Microsoft Office)

–       Knowledge of C / C ++ programming languages, Python – welcome


Deadline for CV

Prior to the selection of a candidate who meets the above requirements.