Economist Office of Economic Analysis and Budget Planning


Main functional responsibilities:


The formation of the annual (medium-term) budget of the University;

Monitoring and analysis of actual budget execution;

Calculation and analysis of the cost of services (works, goods)

Job Description:

1)         conducts a comprehensive analysis of the financial and economic activities of the Organization;

2)         makes suggestions for correcting deficiencies and spending funds;

3)         forms a budget and a report on the budget execution of direct expenditures of the Schools and the Departments of the University;

4)         forms a budget and a report on the budget execution of the supervised structural divisions of the Entity;

5)         monitors and analyzes budget execution;

6)         participates in the development of standards and limits for certain types of expenses of the Entity;

7)         provides consulting and methodological assistance on issues within the competence of the Structural division;

8)         participates in the formation of the budget application of the Structural division for the corresponding financial year in accordance with the budget items of the Entity and administered Structural division;

9)         timely and efficiently performs other tasks of the Entity’s management within the framework of her/his official duties and powers;

Business trips:



Higher education:

– Economics;

– Finance;

– Mathematics

Required work experience (duration, field, other)

work experience of at least 1 (one) year in state or commercial or non-profit or international organizations

Professional competences

analytical skills (make a forecast based on available data); skills in preparing analytical notes

Personal  competences and skills

responsiveness, ability to work in a team, striving for excellence in own profession

Knowledge of languages, including the state language (list of languages that the candidate must be fluent in)

Kazakh, Russian, English (preferably).

Computer skills

Ability to work with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, 1C: Enterprise;

Deadline for submitting a summary

August 28, 2020