Director of Research Institute


Job duties and functions:

1) participating in identification, evaluation, management and monitoring of
risks within the framework of supervised direction;
2) playing a leading role in designing plans for the development of research and
analytical studies of the Division;
3) coordinating quality of research projects of the Division;
4) identifing relevant research topics and planning research projects;
5) initiating for application for research grants and execution of documents;
6) cooperating with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of
Kazakhstan and other relevant state educational and research authorities;

7) managing research projects, data analysis and literature review;

8) writing and publishing research papers based on the research findings in the
educational field in the domestic and foreign journals with a non-zero impact factor;
9) designing current and future plans for the research development of Division;
10) publishing research papers in international peer reviewed journals with a
non-zero impact factor;
11) presenting results of the reach projects at international research conferences;
12) maintaining and coordinating research activities of national and international
project teams of the Division;
13) taking a leading role in promoting research ethics;
14) performing any other duties required by the position


Education Doctor of Ph.D Degree or Doctors’ degree or candidate of sciences

Qualifications Priority specializations:

Pedagogical Sciences, Economics, Sociology, Management, State Policy.

Work experience:

 required work experience is defined in accordance with standard qualifications for administrative positions at the PI “NUGSE”;
 experience in research activities and working experience in educational organization for at least 5 years;
 publications at least 5 research papers in international peer-reviewed journal;
 experience in leading the research projects;
 working experience as a Senior researcher in international research projects;
 experience in designing short-term and long-term research strategies of the Research Institute;
 experience in managing research work of Junior researchers and organizing work of Senior researchers;
 experience in submitting documents for participation in domestic and international research grants.

Professional competencies:

 educational statistics and analytics;
 comparative and international education;
 economics in education;
 theory of management of higher education;
 theory of academic mobility and the internationalization of education;
 knowledge of MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint.


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