Deputy Chief of the Access Control Services


Basic functional responsibilities:

  • Control and monitoring after exploitation, technical service and repair of equipment of the checking of management systems by access (further – CMSA) and systems of videosupervision (further – SVS);
  • Realizations of round (examination) of territory of object and exposure of vulnerable places and deadbands of SVS;
  • Control and providing of the trouble-free functioning of SVS (video cameras, interconnect centers, videoserver (videorecorder), monitors and sources of feed) and CMSA (doors and turnstiles, locks, pin groups, reading devices etc.) on the objects of Organization, and also operative debugging.


Basic position requirements:


  • to render assistance to chief ACS in co-ordination and organization of work, objects of University related to defence, by means of CMSA and SVS;
  • organization and co-ordination of the works related to defence of objects of University by means of technical measures and backer-ups of safety;
  • timely exposure and removal of threats of safety to the resources, reasons and terms, assisting a financial, material and moral causing damage to interests of University;
  • to execute control and monitoring of works of CMSA and SVS, and realization of necessary events on the removal of breakages, outage, and also technical service and repair of equipment;
  • takes part in the decision of technical questions of equipment of CMSA and SVS on the objects of University;
  • development and concordance of normatively-regulation documents, qualificator requirements for the equipment of CMSA and SVS;
  • development, introductions and perfections of standards, guidance, instructions and another documents on exploitation, technical service and repair of equipment of CMSA and SVS;
  • taking away for consideration of guidance of Organization and University of suggestions on questions related to his competence;
  • creation of mechanism and terms of the operative reacting on the threats of safety and to the display of negative tendencies in functioning of CMSA and SVS;
  • effective suppression of trenching upon resources and threats to the personnel and guests on the basis of legal, organizational and technical measures and backer-ups of safety;
  • participating is in the working groups, created by Organization and University on questions included in the competence of ACS;
  • in decision of guidance of Organization and University prosecuting official inquiries is on the facts of violation of the mode of operations of CMSA and SVS, intentional decrementing in their capacity;
  • external examination of equipment on absence of mechanical damages, corrosion, verification of durability of fastening, connections etc.;
  • testing of video server (videorecorder) on a capacity, verification of hard disks, magazine of errors, and also verification of presence of the archived data;
  • control after synchronization of time of record of CMSA and SVS;
  • control after timely and operative execution of contractual obligations by Performers (by contractors);
  • timely informing of direct leader of difficulties in-process, that can result in blowing off works;
  • another functions laid on him by guidance.


Departure in business trips: not assumed


higher education on specialty, to corresponding position, legal.


The required professional experience:  a presence of experience is in areas corresponding to functional directions of this position, in the system of safety and/or in the field of information technologies no less than 7, from them no less than 5 in informative safety.


Personality competence

and quality:

ability to work in a command (to observe priority of interests of organization above interests of structural subdivision); stress is stability; communicability, responsibility, ability qualitatively and structurally to decide the put tasks;


Knowledge of languages, including an official language (list of languages a candidate must own that)


state, Russian, English (desirably)


possession the Kazakh and Russian languages, by English in a volume necessary for execution of functional duties

Experience on leading positions: 

Skills of the use by the personal computer (programs, degree of possession)


No less than 3

High level of possession PC (Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office).

Additional information:

Passing of courses/of training is desirable:

A presence of certificates will be advantage:

Term of serve of resume


  • Control system by informative safety on the international standards of ISO/IEC 27001, 27002
  • Safety and labour protection. Industrial safety. Fire safety
  • A risk is a management
  • Investigation of incidents

ISO 27001, CEH, СHFI

To the selection of candidate conforming to the afore-named requirements.