Control and measuring instruments engineer, Office of the Provost



Position name

Control and measuring instruments engineer

Key and functional tasks of the Department

The main task of the Engineering and Technical Service is – ensure the efficiency of the laboratories and maintenance of scientific, educational and technological equipment and engineering systems.

Key and functional tasks of the position

• Direct participation in the acceptance and installation of new equipment;

• Direct participation in the repair of appliances and equipment on their own;

• Ensuring the operability of electronic equipment in laboratories;

• Verification and maintenance of laboratories;

• Interaction with the scientific and teaching staff associated with the operation of equipment.

• Development of a device (unit)

•  Software development.

• Development of printed circuit board for electronic (PCB).

• Creation of prototypes, study of characteristics.



Higher technical education

Required professional experience 

• At least 2 years of experience in the engineering field;

• experience of independent work on repair and installation of electronic components;

• Theoretical bases of electrical engineering, electronics;

• methods of installation, adjustment and adjustment of electronic equipment;

• rules and procedures for testing electrical equipment and electrical measurements;

• rules, norms and requirements of safety, labor protection, fire safety and industrial sanitation.

• Knowledge of the main normative and technical documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Professional competence and personal qualities

• Striving for self-improvement

• Skill to work in team

• Willingness to realize its potential

Proficiency in languages

Russian, Kazakh,

Knowledge of English is preferable

Computer Literacy

Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, AutoCAD skills

Deadline for CV

Until position is filled.