Consultant of Patron Services of the «Nazarbayev University Library and IT Services» Library Directorate




Consultant of Patron Services of the «Nazarbayev University Library and IT Services» Library Directorate


Key and functional tasks of the department

·         Performing library-information services for patrons;

·         Maintaining the safety and integrity of library collections; 

·         Working on increasing information literacy of library patrons;

·         Researching new methods and technologies used in local and foreign academic libraries and implementing them into practice;

·         Collaborating with the Nazarbayev University faculty;


Duties and Responsibilities

·         Organizing efficient library services for the University students, faculty and staff according to flexible schedule;

·         Researching and staying tuned to patrons’ informational needs, analyzing the effectiveness of the library collections use and the textbooks provision for the students;

·         Planning and providing course on information literacy;

·         Organizing events and thematic book exhibitions;  

·         Timely and qualitative execution of other orders of the Entity management within the framework of their duties and powers.



Higher education in the field of Sciences and Humanities.


Work experience



Experience in the library is encouraged or work experience in the sphere of science and education, translation/interpreting, work in international corporation or related experience.

Experience of working with electronic databases.

A broad general cultural preparation.


Skills and Abilities Required

Adaptability of thinking, communicability, responsibility, leadership skills, initiative, teamwork skills, analytical and pedagogical skills.



Fluency in English (written and oral) required.

Fluency in Kazakh and Russian language (at a level sufficient to maintain official correspondence and document management) required.



Prior to the selection of the right candidate.