Manager of the HRM and Documentation Support Office




Manager of the HRM and Documentation Support Office


Main and functional tasks of the office

To support the work of Private Institution “Nazarbayev University Research and Innovation System” (hereafter – Institution) in the field of paperwork management, systematization, record keeping.  


Crucial and functional tasks of the position

·        To carry out timely and unfiling document flow between structural units of the Institutions and the Autonomous Educational Organization “Nazarbayev University” (hereinafter – the University) in strict adherence to the applicable requirements for the forms and terms of documents submission and reporting;

·        To carry out reception, initial processing, preliminary consideration, registration and incoming Institution correspondence distribution;

·        To accept incoming correspondence for consideration by the head, to turn over in accordance with the taken decision to structural divisions or to a specific target for use during work or preparing answers;

·        To accept documents and personal applications for the signature of the head;

·        To carry out processing, registration and dispatch of the outgoing correspondence of the Institution, control over the operative delivery by the courier companies of the outgoing correspondence of the Institution;

·        To carry out the transfer of business correspondence of the Institution to the state bodies and organizations of Astana;

·        To exercise control over punctual and competent performance of documents and instructions of Institution Head within defined timeframes;

·        To perform work in management of the state language in the paperwork of the Institution;

·        To exercise control over the correctness of drawing up of documents and the formation of cases in the structural divisions of the Institution;

·        To provide methodological and practical assistance to the staff of the Institution in matters of archiving and documentation;

·        To form cases in accordance with the approved nomenclature, to ensure their safety and deliver them to the archive within defined timeframes;

·         To answer the phone, fixe and transmit the sensitive information to the Head;

·         To perform other functions within own competence.


Business trips




University degree, at least 3 year of professional experience, experience in the field of paperwork.


Desirable and professional experience (duration, field, sphere of activity, etc.)

·        Knowledge of the basic principles of document management;

·        Excellent professional communication skills;

·        Time management skills;


Professional knowledge and personal characteristics

Marginal commitment to quality. Discipline and undistracted attention. Good communicative skills and team spirit. Excellent knowledge of business ethics. Learning capability.


Level of languages proficiency, including state language,

(to be specified)

Fluency in English, Russian and Kazakh.


Computer skills (programs, level of proficiency) 

·        Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project.

·        Experience with e-mail and creation of documents, processing, etc.


Deadline of CV submission

Before selection of candidates, correspond to aforementioned requirements.