Chief Accountant of the Department of Accounting and Financial Reporting


Main functional responsibilities:

Knowledge of the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the autonomous organization of education, the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of financial sector regulation, currency regulation and currency control, tax and accounting legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, international financial reporting standards.

Job Description

Strictly follow the principles of accounting, regulated by international financial reporting standards Accounting and Tax policy of the Entity

Monitor the timely formation and submission of interim and annual financial statements of the Entity in accordance with international financial reporting standards in accordance with the forms and requirements established by the current accounting legislation and internal documents of the Entity.

Supervise the timeliness, correctness and completeness of the formation of the registers for accounting settlements with suppliers and imprest persons, for the accounting of cash and banking operations, for the implementation for the purpose of providing tax reporting on value added tax, as well as the formation and submission of statistical reports of the Entity within the competence of the Entity to authorized body in accordance with applicable law.

Timely and properly fulfill the tax obligations of the Entity, determine the objects of taxation and (or) objects related to taxation, calculate and pay taxes and other mandatory payments to the budget, as well as advance and current payments on them, prepare tax forms, submit tax forms to the tax authority within the established time frame, form tax registers

Monitor the timely and full receipt of money, proper recognition of income from the sale of goods, works and services by the Entity (registration of invoices, acts), and fulfillment of financial obligations under the Entity’s contracts

Participate in the preparation of measures of the internal control system that prevent the formation of shortages and illegal spending of funds and inventory, violations of financial legislation

Monitor compliance with the established rules and deadlines for the inventory of funds, inventory items, fixed assets, settlements and payment obligations

To control the legality of write-offs from accounts of shortfalls, receivables and other losses

Conduct analytical procedures to identify unusual fluctuations and areas of potential risk, followed by checking contracts and primary documents for the correctness and validity of these transactions in the accounting

Lead the work on preparation and adoption of the working plan of accounts, forms of primary accounting documents used for registration of financial transactions for which standard forms are not provided, development of forms of documents for internal accounting financial statements of the organization


Carry out an economic analysis of the economic and financial activities of the Entity in terms of finance and accounting, and reporting in order to identify on-farm reserves, prevent losses and unproductive expenses


Relevant higher education

Required work experience (duration, field, other)

Experience of financial and accounting work, including senior positions, at least 5 years.

Professional and personal competences and skills

Ability to work with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, 1C: Accounting;

Analytical skills; skills in preparing reports, reports;  communication skills;  ability to work in a team  (observe the priority of the organization’s interests over the interests of the structural division );  stress resistance, developed leadership skills.

Certificates of a professional accountant or International Accountant Practitioner (САР) or Diploma in International Financial Reporting (ACCA)

Knowledge of languages

Fluent in Kazakh, Russian, English (preferably).

Deadline for submitting a summary