Assistant to Provost, Office of the Provost



Job title:

Assistant to Provost, Office of the Provost


Key functional tasks

1.     To provide administrative and organizational support to Provost in carrying out his/her activities effectively;

2.     To manage the Provost’s operational activities;

3.     To execute other duties assigned by the Provost within objectives and functions of the Office of the Provost;

4.    To work as part of the team within the Office of the Provost undertaking administrative duties as required.


Business trips:




Higher professional, preferably from the higher education institutions with English language of instruction and medium of assessment.   


Desired professional experience (duration, sphere, and other)

Work experience must meet one of the following requirements:

– with Bachelor degree, work experience should be at least 1 year in the areas corresponding to the functional areas of a given position at the international and/or national companies;

– with a degree from the higher education  institution with English language of instruction and medium of assessment, work experience is not required.

Preferred: at least 2 years of work experience in educational institutions, international teams.


Professional knowledge and personal qualities

1.     ability to analyze and systemize information and material;

2.     ability to perform effectively under tight deadlines;

3.     ability to work individually and as a part of a team;

4.     skills of time management and planning of the supervisor’s activity timetable;

5.     good writing and speaking skills.


Proficiency in languages, including state language, (list of languages)

Fluent in English, Kazakh and Russian.


Computer skills:



Final date of CV submission:

Until filled