Engineer-technologist CNC programmer



Post Title

Engineertechnologist CNC programmer


Functional tasks of the department

·     Designing and manufacturing of products by the request of the Nazarbayev University departments and third-party organizations;

·     Works on manufacturing and repair of details and units of experimental installations;

·     Maintenance of process equipment and systems, as well as interaction with service organizations for maintenance of process equipment and systems;

·     Maintenance of working condition, technical readiness of technological equipment Institutions.


Functional tasks of the position

·     Development, testing and debugging of control programs for CNC machines;

·     To install and adjust the instrument;

·     Maintain the process of processing with a panel of complex and critical parts;

·     Development of 3D models and assemblies in CAD systems;

·     Check of manufactured products according to the design documentation;

·     Carry out selection of cutting tools, equipment and equipment, work with suppliers.;

·     Ensuring the correct and safe operation and trouble-free operation of CNC machines;

·     Develop instructions on how to work with managing programs and prepare necessary technical documentation.



·     Higher technical education.


Professional experience (duration, field, industry, etc.)

·     Work experience as Engineer-technologist CNC programmer (machining) for at least 1 year;

·     Knowledge and skills of work on milling machines are desirable.


Professional knowledge and personal characteristics

·     Professional knowledge in the field of material processing by cutting;

·     The device, principle and rules for checking the accuracy of modern CNC machines.;

·     Basic knowledge in setting up CNC machines.;

·     It is desirable to know the work of the Siemens desks;

·     It is desirable to be able to work in Siemens NX programs.

·     Guidance and regulatory materials regulating the methods of developing control programs and the use of computer technology in information processing – types of software;

·     The procedure for registration of technical documentation, rules for the implementation of drawings on «ЕСКД, ЕСТД»;

·     • Technical requirements for finished products;

·     Rules and norms of labor protection, internal regulations, safety precautions, industrial sanitation, fire protection.


Level of proficiency in languages, including public languages, (specify)

·       Russian language – fluent;

·       English – preferably.


Personal computer skills (programs, degree of ownership)

·       Use the PC at an advanced level;

·       Proficient in CAD / CAM systems.


Deadline for submission of CV

Prior to the selection of a candidate who meets the above requirements.