Василиос Зарикас

Школа инженерии и цифровых наук, Кафедра Механической и аэрокосмической инженерии
Ассоциированный профессор
Электр. почта

Associate Professor Dr. Vasilios Zarikas received his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics from Newcastle University, England, U.K. and an M.Sc. degree from the University of Sussex, U.K. A First class Bachelor degree in Physics was awarded by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. He was a postdoctoral researcher, a lecturer and an assistant researcher in several Universities (University of Athens-Dept. of Physics, Finance University of Athens, University of Crete — Mathematics Department and Foundation of Research and Technology FORTH-Heraclion Crete). Last ten years works as an associate professor in Nazarbayev University and University of Thessaly. Some of the gained prizes include Ph.D. and M.Sc. Scholarships and assistantships as well as a research award from Niarchos Research Foundation.

His research interests include Applied Mathematics, Engineering Mathematics, Applied Statistics in Technology and Medicine, Mathematical modeling, Theoretical Physics, Mathematical Physics, Mathematical decision modeling, Bayesian networks, Intelligent human computer interaction, Quantum Field Theory, Modified Gravities, Cosmology and Astroparticle physics. His research work consists of more than 62 fully refereed journal and conference papers (37 journals, one book) and it has been recognized by 548 citations. Furthermore, his research activity has been received the support of National and European research funding; European research projects: IS4-ALL (Paneuropean ΣΕΑ00247-1), 2WEAR (Paneuropean, ΣΕΑ00268-1-1), PALIO (Paneuropean, ΣΕΑ00266-1), European and Greek projects: “Aristeia” ΚΠΣ 00006-1, «Optimum distributed generation design (DGRES)»- MIS 380360 for «Archimedes III», “Energy reduction in Elevators Technology” for Synergasia 2009, “Measurement of Physical and Chemical Parameters in hot springs” for «Archimedes III”, “Caffeine Effects” for «Archimedes III”, “Quantum Gravity at astrophysical scale” for Orau grant Grant Number 110119FD4534. More details can be found in https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Vasilios_Zarikas/publications/