Вход свободный для всех желающих. Научный семинар »Topological Data Analysis and Visualization»

Фев 16, 2012

Где и когда?
Четверг, 16 февраля, 2012, 11:00
Nazarbayev University, Блок 9, каб. 9105

Спикеры: Олжас Махамбетов пен Айдос Абжанов, научные сотрудники Центра энергетических исследований Назарбаев Университета

Scientific data is often represented in the form of a finite set of noisy points, sampled from an unknown space, and embedded in a high-dimensional space. Topological data analysis focuses on studying the massive high-dimensional complex data using computational topology methods. Visualization offers methods to gain an intuitive insight for easy data analysis. In the presentation we will talk about the ways of recovering the topology of the point cloud (data), extracting Morse theoretic invariant, and ways of combining it with visualization methods to provide visual insight into otherwise complicated information.

Язык: Английский