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Lili Zhang lili.zhang@nu.edu.kz

Lili Zhang has been an instructor in Chinese Language at Nazarbayev University since 2019. She obtained her second master’s degree in “Second Language Acquisition&r...

Lili Zhang
Malgorzata Kruszewska malgorzata.kruszewska@nu.edu.kz

Małgorzata Kruszewska has taught both academic writing courses and content courses in Humanities, Religious Studies, and Women’s Studies since 2006. She was previously D...

Malgorzata Kruszewska
Bridget Goodman bridget.goodman@nu.edu.kz
Bridget Goodman
Saule Issayeva saule.issayeva@nu.edu.kz

Saule Issayeva is Instructor at the Department of Chemistry in the School of Science and Humanities at Nazarbayev University. She received the Diploma in Chemistry from Moscow ...

Saule Issayeva
Duishonkul Shamatov duishonkul.shamatov@nu.edu.kz
Duishonkul Shamatov
Thomas Duke thomas.duke@nu.edu.kz

Thomas Duke is a rhetorician who studies argumentation and communicating in persuasive and technical contexts. My most recent projects have focused on the role of adages or idi...

Thomas Duke
Zhamilya Rizatayeva zrizatayeva@nu.edu.kz

Zhamilya Rizatayeva has received her M.A. in Sociology from the University of Arizona. At NU, Zhamilya is teaching courses on Global Social Problems and Work and Society.

Zhamilya Rizatayeva
Tsediso Makoelle tsediso.makoelle@nu.edu.kz

Education Doctor of Philosophy, PhD, Educational Psychology (with specialization in Inclusive Education), University of Manchester, UK Doctor of Education, D Ed, Education Leader...

Tsediso Makoelle
Arlyce Menzies arlyce.menzies@nu.edu.kz

Before coming to work at SAS, Arlyce Menzies divided her teaching time between Boston University’s Creative Writing Department and Somerville Center for Adult Learning Ex...

Arlyce Menzies
Azamat Aimaganbetov azamat.aimaganbetov@nu.edu.kz
Azamat Aimaganbetov
Bota Borina bota.borina@nu.edu.kz

  Teaching Assistant – Nazarbayev University

Bota Borina
Mir Afzal Tajik afzal.mir@nu.edu.kz
Mir Afzal Tajik
Weng Tat Hui weng.tat.hui@nu.edu.kz

Weng Tat Hui specialises in the impact of globalisation on labour markets, economic issues of migration, education, ageing and retirement, and labour market policies in Singapore....

Weng Tat Hui
Diana Kopbayeva diana.kopbayeva@nu.edu.kz

HST_100 History of KazakhstanResearch interestsNation-building and nationalism in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, the concept of Eurasianism and its employment by the post-Soviet stat...

Diana Kopbayeva
Karina Matkarimova karina.matkarimova@nu.edu.kz

Teaching Assistant at Nazarbayev University

Karina Matkarimova
Radmir Sarsenov radmir.sarsenov@nu.edu.kz

I hold an MD degree from the Astana Medical University with the professional qualification in General Surgery. Since I was interested in Oncology, I shifted to scientific resea...

Radmir Sarsenov
Edyta Denst-Garcia edyta.denstgarcia@nu.edu.kz

For more than 15 years, Edyta Denst-Garcia has been working as a teacher of Spanish in different countries. In 2000, after graduating from Spanish philology at the University o...

Edyta Denst-Garcia
James Swider james.swider@nu.edu.kz

James Clifford Swider is currently a doctoral candidate in the Composition and Linguistics program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). He earned his Master of Arts in ...

James Swider
Omer Baris omer.baris@nu.edu.kz

Omer F. Baris has joined the Graduate School of Public Policy as an Assistant Professor of Economics in 2013. Dr. Baris received his doctorate in economics from Georgia State Unive...

Omer Baris
Serik Orazgaliyev serik.orazgaliyev@nu.edu.kz

Dr. Serik Orazgaliyev is an Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Public Policy (Nazarbayev University). His previous appointments include visiting faculty position at Lee ...

Serik Orazgaliyev
Kulzhan  Berikkhanova kberikkhanova@nu.edu.kz
Kulzhan  Berikkhanova
Michelle Bedeker michelle.bedeker@nu.edu.kz

Michelle Bedeker is an Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Education (GSE) at Nazarbayev University. She holds a Ph.D. in Language and Literacy Studies, a Master's Degree...

Michelle Bedeker
Hyesong Ha hyesong.ha@nu.edu.kz

Hyesong Ha has joined the Graduate School of Public Policy as an Assistant Professor in 2020. Prior to joining GSPP, Dr. Ha held a position of a Research Associate at the Center fo...

Hyesong Ha
Michael Bechtel michael.bechtel@nu.edu.kz

I completed my PhD at the University of Chicago’s Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations under the direction of Professor John E. Woods. I also studied at...

Michael Bechtel
Dennis Balint dennis.balint@nu.edu.kz

Dennis Balint is originally from Phoenix, Arizona (USA). Inspired by the awe of how humans can learn to communicate through learning languages, he went on to get an M.A. Degree...

Dennis Balint
Ted Parent ted.parent@nu.edu.kz

Ted Parent earned his Ph.D. from UNC–Chapel Hill in 2009, and was previously on the philosophy faculty at Virginia Tech. Primarily, he writes on metaphysics and...

Ted Parent
Maria Rybakova maria.rybakova@nu.edu.kz

Maria Rybakova obtained her doctorate from Yale University in 2004, and her M.A. in classical philology from the Free University of Berlin in 1997. Her first novel, Anna G...

Maria Rybakova
Ahmet Altinok ahmet.altinok@nu.edu.kz

Matching Theory, Contract Theory, Political Economy, and Behavioral Economics. Professional Information ​I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Nazarbayev Universi...

Ahmet Altinok
Gento Kato gento.kato@nu.edu.kz

Dr. Gento Kato earned his Ph.D. in political science from University of California, Davis in 2020, before joining the Poliicial Science and International Replations Department ...

Gento Kato
Jessica Neafie jessica.neafie@nu.edu.kz

Dr. Jessica Neafie is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Nazarbayev University. Prior to her hiring at Nazarbayev Univ...

Jessica Neafie
Karol Czuba karol.czuba@nu.edu.kz

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Nazarbayev University. My research, which to date has focused on Sub-Saharan A...

Karol Czuba
Achenef Tesfahun achenef.tesfahun@nu.edu.kz

My main research interest is in the analysis of Partial Differential Equations with a particular focus on the study of low regularity well-posedness and long-time behavior of s...

Achenef Tesfahun
Aigerim Zhangozina aigerim.zhangozina@nu.edu.kz

Instructor of Entrepreneurship and Management.   Aigerim obtained Master's degrees with Honors in Computer Systems Engineering from Pavlodar State University named after Toraigyro...

Aigerim Zhangozina
Moldir Kaiynbayeva moldir.kaiynbayeva@nu.edu.kz

Before joining NUGSB as an instructor, Moldir worked in banking/finance and education industries of Kazakhstan and UAE. Her overall industry and teaching experience is about 16 yea...

Moldir Kaiynbayeva
Tim Wawn tim.wawn@nu.edu.kz

Tim is an Instructor in Entrepreneurship and Management at Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business (NUGSB). He holds a Masters’ degree in Economics from Macquarie Unive...

Tim Wawn
Bota Kuanova bota.kuanova@nu.edu.kz

Training: 20.09.2012-10.03.2013 –Training in the radiation oncology department of Yonsei Severance Hospital of Wonju in South Korea. (6 months) 28.04.2014- 19.07.2014...

Bota Kuanova
Marzhan Baigaliyeva marzhan.baigaliyeva@nu.edu.kz

Marzhan Baigaliyeva is a PostDoctoral scholar at NU SMG.  Marzhan received her master’s degree from University College Dublin in 2013, and graduated from The Un...

Marzhan Baigaliyeva
U Kim u.kim@nu.edu.kz

Nazarbayev University, Eurasian Studies, Post-DocSeoul National University, Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies, Research Associate

U Kim
Adilet Otemissov aotemissov@nu.edu.kz

Dr Adilet Otemissov currently holds a postdoctoral scholar position in the maths department, School of Sciences and Humanities, Nazarbayev University. Adilet is a young com...

Adilet Otemissov
Arnur Gusmanov arnur.gusmanov@nu.edu.kz

Arnur Gusmanov is an Instructor in the Department of Medicine, Nazarbayev University School of Medicine. He obtained his Master of Public Health degree in Nazarbayev University...

Arnur Gusmanov
Ghazal Ghahramany ghazal.ghahramany@nu.edu.kz

Dr. Ghazal Ghahramany has received her Ph.D. degree in Nutrition from Texas A&M University, USA in 2012. Shortly after graduation she became a faculty member at Blinn ...

Ghazal Ghahramany
Vladimir Surov vladimir.surov@nu.edu.kz

In 2008 Vladimir Surov was awarded the International Bolashak Scholarship of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to study Pharmacology, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chem...

Vladimir Surov
Roza Nurgozhayeva roza.nurgozhayeva@nu.edu.kz

Dr. Roza Nurgozhayeva joined the school in September 2021 as Assistant Professor of Law. She completed her bachelor’s degrees in law (cum laude) and economics in Kazakhstan and L...

Roza Nurgozhayeva
Josef Ruzicka josef.ruzicka@nu.edu.kz

Macroeconometrics, Forecasting, Machine Learning

Josef Ruzicka
Aigerim Madiyeva aigerim.madiyeva@nu.edu.kz

Education Mcmaster University, Hamilton, Canada■ Master of Science in Mathematics 2019–2021 Nazarbayev University, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan...

Aigerim Madiyeva
Aigerim Sarsenbayeva aigerim.sarsenbayeva@nu.edu.kz

development and health economicsTeachingManagerial Economics, Introduction to Microeconomics, Introduction to Macroeconomics

Aigerim Sarsenbayeva
Donovan Cox donovan.cox@nu.edu.kz

I received my PhD from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in Spring of 2020, defending a dissertation titled Socratic Piety, Reciprocity, and the Last Elenchos of Pl...

Donovan Cox
Thomas Hughes thomas.hughes@nu.edu.kz

Tom Hughes earned both his Bachelors in English literature and Masters of Arts in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Central Oklahoma.  He has taugh...

Thomas Hughes