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Eugene Ponomarev

Associate Professor, School of Sciences and Humanities · Department of Biology

Research Output

Extracellular vesicles in gastrointestinal cancer in conjunction with microbiota: On the border of Kingdoms
December 2017, In : Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Reviews on Cancer. 1868, 2, p. 372-393 22 p.

Platelets mediate protective neuroinflammation and promote neuronal plasticity at the site of neuronal injury
January 2018, In : Brain, Behavior, and Immunity. 74, p. 7-27 21 p.

Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review of Coagulation Disbalances in COVID-19: 41 Studies and 17,601 Patients
2022, In : Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine. 9, p. 794092

IL-13 induces the expression of the alternative activation marker Ym1 in a subset of testicular macrophages
July 2008, In : Journal of Reproductive Immunology. 78, 2, p. 140-148 9 p.

Visualization and quantitation of the expression of microRNAs and their target genes in neuroblastoma single cells using imaging cytometry
2011, In : BMC Research Notes. 4, 517,

MicroRNA-124 promotes microglia quiescence and suppresses EAE by deactivating macrophages via the C/EBP-α-PU.1 pathway
January 2011, In : Nature Medicine. 17, 1, p. 64-70 7 p.

Platelets Recognize Brain-Specific Glycolipid Structures, Respond to Neurovascular Damage and Promote Neuroinflammation
March 2013, In : PLoS ONE. 8, 3, e58979,

Correction: Platelets recognize brain-specific glycolipid structures, respond to neurovascular damage and promote neuroinflammation
January 2014, In : PLoS ONE. 9, 1,

Сангха в эпоху упадка. Реакции российских буддистов на Русскую Революцию и Гражданскую войну
2019, In : State, Religion and Church.

Cyclic AMP pathway suppress autoimmune neuroinflammation by inhibiting functions of encephalitogenic CD4 T cells and enhancing M2 macrophage polarization at the site of inflammation
January 2018, In : Frontiers in Immunology. 9, JAN, 50,

Neuronal extracellular microRNAs miR-124 and miR-9 mediate cell–cell communication between neurons and microglia
January 2018, In : Journal of Neuroscience Research. 97, 2, p. 162-184 23 p.