Enrollment on a fee-paying basis

Online registration for fee-paying basis: to be announced later

Following applicants can participate in the selection process for the enrollment for a fee-paying education:

  • those who took part in the selection process of the current year for state educational grants and met minimum admission requirements for NUFYP ET and IELTS (TOEFL) examinations; however, they were included in the waiting list without receiving a grant;
  • those who  register on the admissions.nu.edu.kz portal and who independently passed IELTS or TOEFL, SAT or ACT with results and met the minimum admission requirements indicated below:

Minimum requirements for test results:
1) SAT Reasoning Test with essay – 1100. Writing part is required with no minimum score.
ACT with writing part – minimum overall score not less than 22. Writing part is required with no minimum score.

2) Academic IELTS – 6.0 (5.0 in each section)
TOEFL iBT – 60-78 (4-7 in Reading section; 4-6 in Listening section; 14-15 in Speaking section; 14-17 in Writing section)
TOEFL PDT* – 550-573 (50 in Reading, Listening sections; 2 in Writing section; Speaking section evaluated by the Admission Committee).

*TOEFL PDT is accepted only from the applicants of the countries where neither IELTS nor TOEFL iBT is available

Upon completion of the selection process, the Admission Committee recommends applicants for admission on a fee-paying basis. The above-mentioned applicants will receive an emailed Notification letter with the Offer of admission, the Instructions on Documents Submission, and the attachments with indication of deadlines and terms. 

The applicants shall also submit additional documents to other NU departments. Therefore, please, make sure to read the Notification letter very carefully in order to meet the requirements and deadlines. All the hard copies of documents should be submitted to the University in person within the deadlines.

In case of offer acceptance, the Applicants shall pay the Guarantee Fee in the amount of 30 000 tenge and submit required documents within the dates indicated in the Notification letter. The Guarantee Fee will be returned to the Applicant after he or she starts the classes at NU.

Any documents submitted in foreign languages shall be translated into Kazakh or Russian and notarized.

Failure to provide the required documents in time will result in Applicant’s disqualification from further participation in the competition. 

List of documents to be submitted by the Applicant to the Admissions Department for enrollment on fee-paying basis:

1. Filled out and signed Application form with a photograph;

2. Notarized copy of identity document or passport, or a birth certificate and a certificate with your photograph from educational institution (school) for applicants under the age of 16;

3. An original and notarized copy of a nationally recognized certificate stating completion of a secondary school, technical, vocational or post-secondary school or university or bachelor’s degree certificate or diploma of a specialist with transcript;

4. An official electronic score report of valid Academic IELTS/TOEFL(iBT) certificate from Test Administrator or an original copy of valid TOEFL PDT (only for Applicants from the countries where IELTS/TOEFL(iBT) are unavailable) if an Applicant passed the test independently;

5. Original signed Enrollment Confirmation Form;

6. Original signed Form of Consent on Guarantee Fee Payment;

7. Original signed Consent for personal data processing.

Applicants with SAT or ACT results meeting the above-mentioned criteria additionally shall present:

8. An official electronic score report of valid SAT Reasoning Test or an original copy of valid ACT with writing part (or its electronic copy followed by submission of an original copy by deadlines set by the Admission Committee).

In addition, foreign citizens or stateless individuals shall submit a copy of health insurance certificate valid for the entire period of studies. 

All documents submitted to NU are not subject to return.