Please check and save this schedule of general sessions. Invitations will be sent by email as well as information regarding School sessions.

Link to download Schedule

Pre-orientation materials

Useful Links and Contacts

Web sites of departments:

Department of Student Affairs

NU Student Portal


NU Library

Psychological Counseling Center (PCC)

Office of the Registrar

Career and Advising Center

Writing Center


If you have questions, please refer to the contact list below:


Person’s Name

Focus area


Phone numbers


Joseph Yap

Library Orientation

+7 (717)2 69 49 74

Admissions Department

Kuanysh Mussagozhina

Foundation and Undergraduate admissions

+7 (717) 2 70 59 76

Bursar’s Office

Aisulu Tuktubayeva

Student bank account and cards, stipend, payment

+7 (717) 2 70 91 99

Department of Student Affairs

Aibek Zhassenov

Student affairs

+7 (717) 2 70 60 56

Kalamkas Sagadiyeva

Student affairs

+7 (717) 2 69 27 38

Kasymkhan Nurmukhamedov

Student affairs

+7 (717) 2 70 65 75

Career and Advising Center

Araylim Serikova

Career and advising, student employment

+7 (717) 2 70 65 38

Department of International Cooperation

Maulen Yegaziyev

Visa related matters, migration

+7 (717) 2 69 27 01

Sandra Real Avila

International students

+7 (717) 2 70 64 11

Office of the Registrar

Olzhas Tuyakbayev

Registration and Scheduling

+7 717 2 70 60 67

Karlygash Karamanova

Student Support

+7 (717) 2 70 91 55

Health and Safety Department





Psychological Counceling Center

Yerden Nurtayev

+7 (717) 2 70 57 35

Temirlan Yechshanov

+7 (717) 2 70 92 88

Bank card & Billing

Bank card and Student ID card

Your bank card and Student ID card is incorporated for your convenience. You will receive SMS from the Jysan bank that your card is ready. Please remember you will pick up your card at Jysan bank branch in your hometown (at the address you indicated in your application). Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact by e-mailing us at

Financial Assistance

Nazarbayev University provides financial assistance options available for our students. The stipends are awarded to NU students based on their academic performance in accordance with the criteria set by Regulations on stipend support provision to students of autonomous organization of education “Nazarbayev University”.
The purpose of stipend support provision to students is to stimulate research, teaching and learning activities of conscientious students of the University, to provide social (financial) support to students, as well as partial covering their expenses during their study.


The “Nazarbayev University” Stipend

The “Nazarbayev University” Stipend is awarded to students who are studying under the ‘Nazarbayev University’ educational grant. During the first semester of study the “Nazarbayev University” Stipend is awarded to Master students unconditionally and is paid on a monthly basis. In the following semesters, the stipend is awarded by the results of the examination session in accordance with criteria for stipend awarding and payment.

The Nazarbayev University Stipend is awarded to PhD, residency students, NUZYP students for the whole period of study and is paid on a monthly basis.


«Abay Kunanbayev» and «Ybyray Altynsarin» stipends

«Abay Kunanbayev» and «Ybyray Altynsarin» stipends were established by the University and funded by the University and/or its organizations. “Abay Kunanbayev’” stipend is awarded to international students enrolled to the University. These stipends paid under the criteria set in the Regulations on stipend support provision.

The amount of the Nazarbayev University Stipend is determined by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The size of the Nazarbayev University stipend is standard for «Abay Kunanbayev» and «Ybyray Altynsarin» stipends.


The PhD Support Stipend

The PhD Support Stipend is established by the University and funded from University budget funds. The PhD Support Stipend is awarded for one semester upon a student’s application and paid monthly to PhD students who complies with the established criteria by Office of the Provost. The amount of the monthly payment is determined by the decision of the Managing Council of the University on an annual basis.


Criteria for Awarding and Payment the Nazarbayev University Stipend, «Abay Kunanbayev» and «Ybyray Altynsarin» stipends

Category of students



Type of stipend

Size of the stipend

Master students

Graduate School of Business, Graduate School of Education

School of Sciences and Humanities, School of Engineering and Digital Sciences, Graduate School of Public Policy, School of Medicine, School of Mining and Geosciences

GPA 3,0 and above

Stipend for master students


125,000 tenge

GPA 2,67 and above

Stipend for master students

School of Medicine: Doctor of Medicine Program

“Pass” in all courses

Stipend for master students


Center for Preparatory Studies

For the whole period of study



125,000 tenge


School of Sciences and Humanities, School of Engineering and Digital Sciences, Graduate School of Public Policy,Graduate School of Education, School of Mining and Geosciences

For the whole period of study



102, 498 tenge

For the most up to date information on stipend opportunities, please refer to Bursar’s office: work phones: +7 (7172) 70 66 20, 70 60 32, 70 91 99, 70 60 86, 70 90 27, office 5034 Block C2, еmail:

Course registration & Academic Procedures
  • Studentat NUZYPlevel are not required to self-register for courses. The School Administration will register the students for their required courses. 
  • The registration dates are sent in the notification email to all students from the office of the Registrar.
  • For any questions regarding course schedules, please contact SchoolOffice of CPS.
IT resources

This webpage contains brief information and links to IT services for students. We hope this information will be helpful to you!

For communication with faculty and other members of the NU Community you will need a corporate email – please visit and login using credentials sent to your personal email earlier. Check your personal mailbox periodically, there will be instructions on how to access your student mail account in the form and your user credentials to other IT resources. From the moment you have access to your mail account, use it to contact the University services.

During the learning process, you will need access to the following information systems and resources:

  • Corporate PCs  – all domain computers of the University;
  •  – is a University electronic course management system (virtual learning environment). LMS Moodle is utilized by students and faculty in order to perform such tasks as an exchange of files, audio and video data,messaging, chat activities, forums, online quizzes and etc.; Pay special attention to Moodle, the entire learning process is closely related to Moodle. In the Moodle environment you will receive assignments and take homework, receive grades. This is one of the required resources that you must use for study. Moodle Instructions(link)
  • – is an automated information system designed to automate the academic and internal processes of the University in terms of coordination, studying in the disciplines taught, registering all of their and academic disciplines throughout the training period;
  • – electronic resources of the Nazarbayev University Library;
  • – student portal;
  • – you can recover password using the Password Recovery Service.

Learn more here how to login to these information systems and resources

Here you can find answers to your questions related to IT resources.

The first thing you need to know where to go if you have problems is helpdesk.

If you have any questions, you can contact the IT Help Desk via: +7 (7172) 70-62-00,


Tips for secure online learning

  1. Have an antivirus with real time monitoring capability installed on all your devices that have Internet access. Perform regular full scans; scan every downloaded file.
  2. On computers work under a user account, not an admin. Use admin role only when it is needed, such as software installation/removal.
  3. Do not browse through web sites with adult/untrustworthy content since they can contain malware. Avoid addresses that start with http://, instead look for https:// (secure ones)
  4. Do not download/install counterfeit software, it can have malware inside that not every antiviral package can detect.
  5. Do install patches and update all your software including Operating System, this will reduce vulnerabilities.
  6. Do guard your personal information. Do not share your passwords with anyone.

Tips to fight Phishing Email Threats: *

  • Avoid strangers, check name and email address
  • Don’t rush, be suspicious of emails marked “urgent”
  • Notice mistakes in spelling and grammar
  • Beware of generic greetings, “dear sir/ma’am”
  • Don’t be lured by incredible “deals”
  • Hover over the link before you click to ensure it has a secure URL (https://)
  • Never give out personal or financial information based on an email request
  • Don’t trust links or attachments in unsolicited emails

*Taken from

International students

Live Zoom session for International students: August 7

Time: 5-6 pm (Kazakhstan time)

Participants: DIC, Cultural Center “Rukhani Zhangyry”, DSA, senior international students and new international students.

Description: This session will be focused on providing to international students an introduction to Kazakhstan by sharing basic information about the country, traditions, cuisine, cultural values,etiquette norms, games, etc. Additionally, there will be a small part of the session dedicated to international students´ engagement and contributions to NU life with the participation of 2-3 senior international students or alumni who will share briefly their experiences living in Kazakhstan and studying at NU. This live session pretends to achieve an early engagement of the new students before arrival to Kazakhstan through cultural exchange and mentorship involvement.

In case it is conflicting with other sessions, please let us know and we can move our session for August 8 instead (at the same hour).


Welcome to Kazakhstan

ARRIVING IN A NEW COUNTRY can result in both practical and personal issues. Especially arriving in a non-common destination for study purposes such as Kazakhstan. But you do not have to worry!

Once you have arrived, your perspective will totally change! You will learn to love this multinational country home of more than 130 nationalities, you will fall in love with the people and the hospitality, make life-lasting friendships, explore the beautiful landscapes, and learn about the rich history and millennial traditions of Kazakhstan!

Before taking your flight to Kazakhstan, make sure to invest part of your free time to watch any of these films and videos to start getting acquainted with Kazakh traditions, landscapes of the country, and culture, plus what to expect in Nur Sultan city.

In 1729 Kazakhstan, a ferocious Mongol tribe sweeps across the Steppes. A young man named Sartai assembles a detachment of young warriors and leads them into battle to free his country from decades of terror.


Director: Akan Satayev.

Cast: Ayan Utepbergenov, Assylkhan Tolepov.

Genre: Action, adventure, drama.


Link (with English subtitles):

Diamond Sword is a large-scale historical drama of first Kazakh Khans, which BBC called “Kazakh Game of Thrones”. The action takes place in the XV century, and the plot demonstrates the key events in formation of Kazakh statehood under the leadership of Khans Zhanibek and Kerey.


Director: Rustem Abdrashev.

Cast: Kayrat Kemalo, Doskhan Zholzhaksynov.

Genre: Action, adventure, drama.


Link (with English subtitles):

If you watched the French film “Paris, I love you”, the American “New York, I love you”, the Russian “Moscow, I love you!” Then, imagine what this picture will be about. Ten beautiful stories – vital, magical, incredible, amazing, that occur with different residents of Astana (nowadays Nur Sultan city).


Director: Egor Konchalovskiy.

Cast: Sergey Nikonenko, Natalya Hodus, Bibigul Syunshalina.

Genre: Romance, drama.




Do you want to see the beautiful landscapes of Kazakhstan and what is like to live in Nur Sultan city? Make sure to check out these videos!

The landscapes of Kazakhstan


An expat perspective in Nur Sultan city



International student community at Nazarbayev University

Welcome new members of the community!

Here at NU, we celebrate our diverse student and staff communities. Currently, our international student group has representatives from 20 different countries:









United Kingdom




The Netherlands







South Korea

In ten years of history, we have had 22 graduating students. Among our graduates, we have citizens of Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Nepal, Bulgaria, Mexico, The Gambia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, and South Korea who have contributed in straightening the cultural ties between Kazakhstan and their countries. You will also become a cultural ambassador and help us in inviting more students to join us. Allow us to welcome you to the NU family!

We are looking forward to assisting you and support you with academic and non-academic activities, providing with facilities for a comfortable study and living experience, giving you peer assistance of local and senior international students plus mentorship by staff members, and making your adaptation process to Kazakhstan and Nur Sultan city go smoothly.

We wish you a pleasant stay, have fun, learn a lot, meet amazing people, and enjoy your experience with us!


Experience Nazarbayev University international student contributions from home


Association of International Students:

Here you can get acquainted with some of the activities we organize in terms of international students´ recreation, joint projects with other student clubs on campus, and language learning opportunities. All international student members are free to propose and organize any cultural or social activity, apply for funding for events, and begin new projects with impact for the NU community using our Association as a platform, a student group made of volunteers interested in promoting friendship and cultural exchange.


Would you like to find more inspiration in what our international students enjoy about NU the most in terms of facilities, academic experience, and engagement on campus activities? Check out these videos!

Stories of NU fresh students from all over the world

Welcome words of international students from Italy, UK, Russia, and Mexico.


Yuan Gao´s graduation speech

International student alumni (China), MA in Eurasian Studies, class of 2016.



You should speak Qazaqsha

International students from Japan, Bangladesh, Mexico, and USA enjoying the experience of learning Kazakh during the Summer School of Russian and Eurasian Studies (June 2019):



Why study at NU?

Testimony of international students from Turkey and Mexico:



Support services for international students


Psychological Counseling Center (PCC)

PCC offers psychological assistance in the form of individual consultations for the entire NU community. Please get familiar with the services our PCC offers to help you on your wellbeing and adaptation to a new country at all times.

Health and Safety Department

Health form and medical insurance

You will learn how to correctly fill the health form plus receive information about the health insurance coverage plus additional health details you should know before coming to Kazakhstan.


Department of International Cooperation

Do you need to get a visa or not to study in Kazakhstan?

Make sure to check if you need to get a student visa to enter Kazakhstan or not before starting with any migration procedure. Know about your rights with migration as an international student depending on your country of origin. Students with permanent residence in Kazakhstan should also pay attention to the indications we give on this video.

How to get a visa, registration with the authorities and migration issues in Kazakhstan

It is mandatory for everyone to see this content, even if you don´t need a visa to come to Kazakhstan. Before arrival to Kazakhstan, everyone should learn the process of registration with migration authorities, the Embassies where you are eligible to apply for a visa, learn the rules you should comply while being holder of a student visa in Kazakhstan, plus how to renew your visa before the expiration date.


Bursar´s Office

How to open a bank account?

Here we provide information on how to open a bank account, when you will be able to receive your stipend, and tips about the average amount you need to take with you for settling in Kazakhstan during the first month.


Useful contacts in Nazarbayev University for international students

Use this chart as a referral guide to the many student services on campus and contact information of staff members that will assist you:

Name and position

Department and division

Lines of work


Sandra Real



Department of International Cooperation




Support international students in settling at Nur Sultan city

Advising in academic issues

Integration into the NU community (wellbeing and extracurricular activities)

Head coordinator of voluntary foreign language courses for the NU community

Peer support of senior international students to new students


Maulen Yergaziyev




Department of International Cooperation



Visa specialist, IIN assistance (for opening a bank account)

Support international students in settling in Nur Sultan city

Aibek Zhassenov


Senior Manager


Department of Student Affairs


International student support (non-academic issues)

Foundation and Undergraduate students advisor

Balzhan Yersakhanova


Senior Manager

Department of Student Affairs

Student events

Leadership skills

Student Government

Student clubs (creation and advising)

Graduate international students (non-academic issues)

Buddy program for international students


Yuliya Palkina




Department of Student Affairs

Dormitory specialist

Gulnaz Kalambayeva


Senior Manager

Cultural center “Rukhany Zhangyru

Promotion of Kazakh culture

Organization of Kazakh culture events on campus

Kazakh culture days for international students

Yerden Nurtayev


Senior Psychologist

Psychological Counseling Center

English language psychologist


Stress-relief activities

Araylim Serikova



Career and Advising Center

Work on Campus program

CAC events, mock interviews, internships

Aisulu Tuktubayeva


Senior Manager

Bursar´s Office

Stipend, application form to open a bank account

Useful documents

NU international student guidelines: link

Everything you need to know about expenses for life in Nur Sultan, accommodation, and facilities at NU: link