Sophia Kim

Sophia Kim, mother of Tatiana Kim, NU student (2nd year, Mathematics, SSH), Uzbekistan

We prepared for admission to Nazarbayev University. My daughter attended additional classes in Maths and English to prepare for exams such as IELTS and NUFYP ET. Additionally, she studied on her own. In terms of the emotional preparation for the University, we had many discussions about what life would be like, including the problems that may arise and how they can be solved. As for me, the most important thing in the process of the Foundation Program was to support my child through any situation.

Before starting University, I was worried about how my daughter would live and study in another country, and how she would adapt there. However, once she began her studies, she met many people and she did not have any serious problems. I was able to worry less about her.

The first year at the University was very busy, and I am very happy that my daughter chose this University. While studying in the Foundation program, she received new knowledge that will help her in her future studies. Moreover, she adapted to life at the University and became more independent.

I strongly recommend that you not be afraid to let your children go to another country. When they visit a new place, they gain new experiences, become more independent, and achieve new opportunities. I think this is an important milestone in the process of becoming an enlightened adult.