Kenzhegul Sagadiyeva

Kenzhegul Sagadiyeva, mother of Aigerim Sagadiyeva, NU student (2nd year, Computer Science, SEDS).

My daughter had been purposefully preparing for admission to Nazarbayev University since the 9th grade. She attended additional English classes, studied hard with the tutors in the selected profile subjects, and surfed the Internet to find materials to prepare for them.

I arrived then at the idea that all these measures were effective for the child in respect to improving herself and identifying her areas of growth. In this regard, the most important thing is that the child develops through self-regulation. As parents, we therefore tried to create comfortable conditions for the child and not interfere with her learning.

We were worried that our child would have a hard time at the University because we often heard about the challenges of studying there. But from the first day we felt comfortable because all the necessary conditions existed in the places of residence, study, and recreation. Of course, we took full advantage of these opportunities.  

I think that the first year of training was implemented in a painless, systematic way that allowed my child to discover herself. My daughter learned to be responsible for her lessons based on a well-planned working time, while also attending to additional clubs and areas of interests that became her hobbies. I believe that this is a great formula for achievement for a child. With striving and effort, my daughter successfully completed the 1st semester and earned a scholarship.

I would like then to encourage the parents of students who are entering NU this year, and to draw their attention to the fact that our faith and confidence in our children is so important for their success. Those children who have entered into this adult life should now choose their own path according to their interests and skills. Whatever your child studies, please recognize that the most important thing is not to control them, but to help them assert themselves. In doing so, our young adults will achieve all of their most desired goals.