Aliya Aisina

Aliya Aisina, mother of Akan Aisin, NU student (1st year, Economics, SSH)

You need to prepare for admission in advance. Not a month, or even six months prior. After all, you can take trial tests as much as a year and a half before you graduate from high school! It would therefore be preferable to prepare far in advance, as my son did.

In addition to self-preparation, my son studied at a training center that specializes in preparing high school students to pass tests in English and critical thinking. In Kazakhstan, there is a fairly wide range of such centers that help you to prepare for and succeed in taking trial exams (SAT, SSAT, GRE, GMAT, and NUFYPET). But this is just the beginning. Having successfully passed the tests and a fairly tough selection process, my son entered the Foundation Year Program (NUFYP) at the Center for Preparatory Studies of Nazarbayev University – Foundation Program. The most experienced Teaching Fellows of the School delivered subject knowledge, and taught my son to accurately express his ideas in English, and to learn skills that will be useful in the course of his future studies. Thanks to the knowledge received at the Center for Preparatory Studies, my son successfully entered and is now studying at the University. He has made friends among his fellow students and gained self-confidence.

There were worries, of course, before entering the Foundation Program and before passing exams. I was worried, in particular, whether he would cope physically. But my fears were groundless. We have seen from our own experience that the exams are conducted in an extremely objective and impartial manner, and that absolutely everyone without exception is provided with equal and fair conditions. The main thing is to believe in the potential of your child, and to help create the most comfortable environment and conditions for learning for them. In many ways, the future of our children depends on the support and contribution of parents!

I am very grateful to the University management for welcoming my son. The first year of study was very busy and interesting. Study at this level does not allow you to sit back. The students are given a fairly large amount of course content in several subjects at the same time. Beyond that, NUFYP instills independence and compel in all students an ability to think big and creatively. NU lectures are conducted by professors, PhDs, and leading scientists from more than 50 countries. Among the invited lecturers are Nobel prize laureates, and world-famous scientists!  It is not surprising then that young people from countries in Europe, America, and other CIS countries apply to the University.

I also like the choice provided by the University! The first year of study is general education, and at year’s end students are given the opportunity to select a specialty, which may be adapted during the second year if students change their minds.

What a friendly, healthy and positive atmosphere prevails at the University! Just imagine, there are also more than 200 sports sections, courses, and clubs! Prominent public figures, diplomats, businessmen, and professionals who have achieved success in a particular field are invited to this University, where they share their experience and knowledge with the students.

Popular projects are also being implemented. I was particularly interested in a startup developed jointly by students and teaching fellows on assistive technologies for citizens with disabilities. This project was presented by Kazakhstan at the international exhibition in the UN.

The student community at NU is very friendly and sympathetic. The guys are engaged in charity work, helping children and their families who find themselves in a difficult life situation, and without any self-promotion. My son is also actively involved in the volunteer movement and helps others by advising on admission and through his studies at the University. I thank the University management for our wonderful opportunity!

  • Believe in the success of your children! Each of them is unique in their own way!
  • Provide maximum support and, most importantly, permit your child freedom in choosing their future profession.
  • The earlier the child begins to prepare for University, the more likely he/she will achieve at NU!
  • Learning is not easy, much depends on your child’s previously acquired skills of independence and their ability to withstand loads. So now, when your son or daughter is still studying at school, try to instill these skills in every possible way.
  • When choosing a University, I definitely recommend Nazarbayev University!