For Graduate Students

Welcome to Graduate Studies at Nazarbayev University!  These pages will provide useful information and links to help keep you on track to achieve your academic and career development goals.

Graduate Student Academic Advising

You seek for information and assistance on course selection and online registration ahead of time (deadlines) within your school and the other schools for elective courses

Graduate Program Directory

Graduate programs

Program Academic Directors

Advisors and Staff

Essential Guide to Your Graduate Programs

You can find Program Requirements and Handbooks here and for specific questions and more details you can request information from the Program Director or the School manager

Funding and Financial Assistance

This section will include information on Grants, Stipends, and types of Financial assistance and the reference to the Graduate Assistantship (GA) engagement


Policies and Procedures for Graduate Students

Departments and Program Directors

Grad Student Union

Health & Counselling Services

Career and Advising Center

Alumni Associations



Graduate Student Handbook

My Registrar


NU PhD Framework

NU Master’s Framework

GTA Training

Graduate Programs Q&A


Graduate Assistantships (GA) at NU Schools

GA Assignments available for 

Fall 2020  Semester

Spring 2021 Semester

Summer 2021 Semester

Contact for information

School Manager Contact List 

SEDS Makpal Shomenova

SSH Maya Davletova

SMG Daniar Malgazhdar

GSE Elmira Tukanayeva

GSPP Karina Khalilova

Office of the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies

Gulnaz Bulebayeva

Application for Spring 2021 will be available till December 25

Calendar of Graduate Events

August 2020


July 22, 2020 
Dear newly admitted students, please attend Orientation Meetings  during the week commencing August 10.