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NU Foundation Year Program (NUFYP)

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Undergraduate programs - Academic Advising Office (AAO)

The Academic Advising Office (AAO) works with first-year undergraduate students. AAO provides assistance in course selection and course registration supports students with academic difficulties, provides personalized advising which considers the special needs of each student, and makes referrals to relevant offices, when necessary.  The students’ information and their academic performance are maintained confidentially by AAO.

Academic Advisors of AAO  help students in solving academic problems that students face in the process of their education, and also contribute to students’ professional development. The role of an academic advisor is to guide, provide students with the necessary information and monitor the process of their academic progression. Academic advisors also help students in explaining the academic policies and procedures of NU and the degree requirements, they evaluate student progress and provide information about available resources on campus. Students have the opportunity to make an appointment to have an individual consultation and attend group sessions with their academic advisors during the academic year.

AAO also provides the help of Peer Advisors to students. Peer Advisors are well-trained students in the third and fourth years, who are ready to share their own experiences with students, and provide subject-specific information and knowledge of studies at NU.

More information about AAO can be found in the Handbook for Parents/Guardians of first-year undergraduate students at this link

Working hours: Mon-Fri 8.30 am – 5.30 pm

Visit our website for more information:



Career and Advising Center






Our future is the youth of this country! Career choice starts from family taken up by University and the final product is dealt by an Employer. Therefore, it is important that our joint efforts and support are consistent and cooperative.

The Career and Advising Center promotes lifelong skills through our Career workshops and Professional Development Programs. The Center establishes partnerships with internship providers and employers to help in recruiting NU students and alumni through on-campus recruitment events, companies’ presentations and field trips, etc.

The staff members of the Center want to help the students learn about their skills and interests, and articulate them confidently in resumes, cover letters, and interviews; define and explore career options that they might pursue, and implement an effective strategy to achieve their desired career outcomes.

Let us make our future bright, innovative and prosperous!


Useful links:

Our website

Youtube channel

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Health and Wellness Center (HWC)

Professionals of the Health and Wellness Center provide psychological and counseling services for all Nazarbayev University communities.

The HWC helps students to reach a state of positive mental health. Our psychologists provide a safe and confidential environment to help students discover any issues that may interfere with their well-being, happiness, or effectiveness.

Our services:

  1. Individual and group counseling;
  2. Assessment of the general psycho-emotional state;
  3. Webinars, training, workshops, and seminars on various topics for students, faculty, and staff;
  4. Advising parents on student welfare issues

Social networks services:

YouTube – NU Counseling      

Instagram – @nu_hwc

Information about upcoming training and seminars sent by mailing


Recommendations for parents for optimal organization of distance learning:

  1. First of all, calm is important, since the transition to distance learning can be stressful for both parents and the student.
  2. In this situation, it is important to establish a dialogue with the student, respectful and friendly communication.
  3. The usual routine and rhythm of the day should be maintained (time of sleep and wakefulness, time of the beginning of lessons, their duration, breaks, etc.). Sudden changes in the regime of the day can cause significant changes in the adaptive capabilities of the student and lead to excessive tension and stress.
  4. The organization of the workplace is very important. Everything you need should be within the reach of your hand. Also, the student should be able to work intently, without being distracted by external stimuli. Therefore, it is important to limit access for households and pets to the student’s workplace.
  5. Remember, now your child has become a student and this is a new role for both you and him. But at home, the roles of son/daughter and student can mix. It is advisable to distribute household duties based on the time required for studies.
  6. Your child will change, develop, grow as a person in the coming years, and this is a normal process of human development at this stage of life. Be patient and support your child on his new path.

How you can support your child as a student. Useful phrases:

  1. “You are doing well”
  2. “Everything will be fine”, “I believe you can do it”
  3. “Try yourself in this …”
  4. Tips and advice regarding financial management and control
  5. Discussion of the distribution of responsibilities, a story about your own experience
  6. “What was interesting?”
  7. It’s useful to inform “how to stay fit”.
  8. “I understand you,” “You can always share with me.”
  9. Remind that it is necessary to eat well, and sleep well.
  10. Vacations – for relaxation!
  11. Yielding to a dispute does not mean accepting the opinion of another, and redoing yours.
  12. Encourage your child to consider leading specialization and make unbiased choices.
  13. In communication, try not to use the expressions: “You are always”, “You never”, or “It’s so about you”.



Department of Student Services

The role of the Department of Student Services (DSS) is the promotion of student success via personal and professional development.

We strive to create a holistic, inclusive and supportive environment and experience for students in order to develop their leadership skills and aid them in becoming contributing members of the NU community and beyond.

We help students in their adaptation to campus life and support them in navigating their extracurricular and social life.

Please visit our webpage for more information.


In this Booklet, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions and find out the necessary information about the various services provided at the University


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