Graduation 2015

On June 15, 2015 the President of Kazakhstan has participated in the First Graduation Ceremony of Nazarbayev University.

The Ceremony was attended by students, their families, teaching staff, heads of major national companies and other guests.

Nazarbayev University, created on the initiative of the President of Kazakhstan in 2010, is a leading research university in Kazakhstan. The first cohort of students consists of 446 undergraduate and graduate students. Most of the students are graduating from the School of Humanities and Social sciences, School of Science and Technology, Graduate School of Public policy, and Graduate School of Business. The most demanded majors are computer sciences, mechanical engineering, robotics and mechatronics, education management, biological sciences, electrical engineering, civil engineering, etc.

Since the opening of the University, the student body increased to 2800 students. Each year 500 talented students are admitted to Nazarbayev University. Students who show high results on the entrance exams receive a state grant that covers student’s tuition fee for the whole duration of the studies. Master’s and PhD students also receive state grants, for the exception of the Graduate School of Business. Nazarbayev University’s academic programs were designed in partnership with some of the leading universities in the world.

Best local and international researches are invited to University in order to create a relationship between education, science, production, and creating an effective academic environment for development of human capital.

After the graduation from Nazarbayev University, some graduates are planning to hit the job market, another will continue their studies in the leading universities of the world, including Nazarbayev University.