Using bar-codes in registration forms should help for registering applicants at the entrance exams at Nazarbayev University

Nazarbayev University for the first time at applicants examinations uses new registration forms with a bar-code. The new form will be employed at the Subject Entrance Test in Astana, which is going to be this Sunday, 3d of March. Next year the novelty can be implemented in other regions of the country.
As NU Admission Department informs, form scanning allows staff members to reach quickly all information about a candidate including her or his score at previous exams. This makes candidates access to the exam classroom easier and faster. Regarding the fact that the number of people admitted to the second examination tour has drastically increased this year, new procedure seems to bring an important change.
“We mention that the level of the applicants preparadness is growing every year”, says Dinara Ashikbayeva, director of Admission Department. This year over 75% CPS program candidates at NU have successfully passed APTIS exam and then have been admitted to Subject Entrance Exam (SET), whereas last year only 55% of applicants were admitted to SET.
In March 3, 2013 Subject Entrance Test will be run in Astana and Almaty cities. About 1500 applicants are going to take the test. All applicants will be able to take SET in 11 cities from March 3 to March 17 in total. Nazarbayev University has also organized additional testing center for in Taldykorgan, because Republic Olympiad for schools is going in Taldykorgan this year.
Currently Nazarbayev University is running admission procedures for graduate program applicants to the Graduate School of Business, Graduate School of Public Policy and Graduate School of Education.
In March 2013 Nazarbayev University will begin to admit students to the bachelor’s degree program without the obligatory Foundation program. About 1500 students are studying at Nazarbayev University. Six university schools offer master and bachelor academic programs.

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