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2019, December 24 NU now

Stars become closer

Stars become closer

2019, December 24

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Nazarbayev University scientists are now able to observe stellar objects as well as operate the telescope located at the Assy-Turgen Observatory in Almaty region in real-time, without leaving the laboratory in Nur-Sultan city.

The team of the NU Energetic Cosmos Laboratory completed the second phase of the NUTTelA-TAO project on the remote control of the star observation telescope. To control the observatory, including telescope, dome, cameras, and other processes in real-time is now available directly from the university laboratory, 1000 km away from the observatory.

In the future, the telescope will operate autonomously: observe and instantly respond to emerging gamma-ray bursts, which in turn will create opportunities for new discoveries in the study of this amazing natural phenomenon.

It is noteworthy that in June this year, Nazarbayev University hosted the Second International Conference “Exploring the Energetic Universe 2019”, where the launch of a new high-speed telescope in Kazakhstan was announced. The telescope was built by a development team led by Professor Bruce Grossan, Head of Observation Astrophysics and Optical Instrumentation at the Energetic Cosmos Laboratory, which was founded by Nobel Laureate Professor George F. Smoot.

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