A unique series of meetings with the speakers of AEF 2018 were held at Nazarbayev University

On 17 and 18 of May, 2018, within the framework of Astana Economic Forum “Global Challenges Summit 2018” (AEF), Nazarbayev University hosted a series of meetings with key speakers from the AEF event. Students, teachers, and staff had an opportunity to attend 16 public lectures given by well-known experts and entrepreneurs: the founder of Shazam – Chris Barton, the famous film director – Krzysztof Zanussi, the gerontologist and mathematician – Aubrey de Gray, and many others.

 Representatives of Nazarbayev University participated in the main AEF event at the EXPO Congress Center and Hilton Astana as speakers and moderators. The expert opinions of professors, and the President of NU, in economics, robotics, biomedicine, and technology is an important contribution to the successful development of the country, and the establishment of Astana as an international center of innovation and knowledge.

 In particular, during the first day of the forum, the President of NU, Mr. Shigeo Katsu, acted as a keynote speaker in the “Understanding Kazakhstan. Presentation of key projects” panel session, where he talked about the history of Nazarbayev University. Dr. Massimo Pignatelli, Vice President of Medicine and the Dean of the School of Medicine, was one of the speakers during the same panel session, and talked on the subject of “How will artificial intelligence replace doctors?”

 On the second day of the forum, Nazarbayev University School of Science and Technology professors Michael Lewis and Atakan Varol played active roles as a moderator and as a speaker in the panel session “Mind uploading and Artificial Intelligence. Ethical and political aspects of new regulations “, and the discussion “Creativity vs unemployment. What do humans do in the world of machines?”

 It should be noted that during both days of the forum more than 200 students of Nazarbayev University, members of the NU Volunteers club, helped guests, speakers, participants in the plenary sessions with accreditation and navigation; and accompanied the main speakers: Michio Kaku, Andrew McAfee, Steve Wozniak, Chris Barton and many other major speakers of the forum.

 Astana Economic Forum is an annual Eurasian business event. Over the past decade, more than 50,000 delegates from 150 countries around the world have attended, including 20 Nobel Prize winners and more than 30 prominent politicians. A wide variety of scientists, economists, journalists, politicians, world-renowned think tanks and business leaders have spoken at the Forum over the years.