The Second Eurasian Higher Education Leaders Forum is dedicated to global trends and their impact on regional development

On June 12-13, 2013 The Second Eurasian Higher Education Leaders Forum will take place in Astana. The forum organizer is Nazarbayev University. This year participants will discuss issues related to global trends in higher education and their impact on the region. More than 500 participants from 30 countries in Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia have already confirmed their participation.
The Eurasian Higher Education Leaders Forum contains three plenary sessions focusing on strategic points which follow the forum agenda. Multilateral discussions in a round table format will create the best environment for global knowledge exchange. “We all understand that our higher education system cannot stay the same anymore, it is changing due to global processes occurring in the world. Offers and initiatives received from forum participants as well as discussions of important issues will help educational entity leaders become more effective in their managing activities. Today we need to change by adopting and sharing the best experiences”, – says Aida Sagintayeva, Forum steering committee member.
The Eurasian Higher Education Leaders Forum agenda for this year is “Global Trends in Higher Education and Their Impact on the Region”. This includes the issues of leadership, management, and university responsibility; strategic leadership in higher education; global trends in education. In addition, Nazarbayev University Library will organize a special professional seminar for Kazakhstani university librarians.
Forum guest speakers include Chief Executive of the Higher Education Authority Tom Boland; Professor Richard K. Miller, the owner of five prestigious professor awards, acting member of the Board of Trustees of Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering in the USA; Professor Stephen P. Heyneman, who has managed educational policy issues at World Bank in 27 European and Asian countries for many years. He also organized research quality assurance and education efficiency strategy development.
An overview of the Kazakhstani educational system is going to be one of the key forum sessions. The overview analysis will present the efficiency of education reforms in the country as well as  define proper methods for increasing the competitiveness of national education at all levels: from pre-school to tertiary.

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