The meeting of the Board of Trustees of Nazarbayev University was held on December 10, 2011

Rector of Nazarbayev University, Mr.Shigeo Katsu, informed about main areas of the University’s activity in 2012, and mentioned that Nazarbayev University is planning to actively collaborate and develop international cooperation with the leading world universities, to launch two graduate schools – School of Business and School of Public Policy, to conduct research of faculty, to hire faculty among the best international and national professors, to organize and hold research conferences, to continue the second construction stage of the University and other.
In course of the visit to Nazarbayev University the Kazakh Prime-Minister visited the library, residential facilities, met with the faculty and students.
Prime-Minister visited the library, where he was presented modern library equipment, demonstrated specific peculiarities of electronic database of the library, where one can find full-text scientific articles, archives with depth outreach from 20 to 100 years, collections of electronic books and journals. At the same time K.Massimov had a meeting with teachers of Kazakh language department, they talked about undertaken work in the University, which is aimed at development of national component and further plans of improving teaching methods, delivering classes on public speaking, speech culture, learning of traditions and culture of the Kazakh people by the students and international faculty of the University.
Besides, head of the Government was shown a student campus building, where he examined students’ rooms and conditions of their household activities and leisure time, met and talked with the students living in the dormitory.
Deputy Prime-Minister Mr.E.Orynbayev visited Nazarbayev University School of Engineering, where he examined laboratories and lecture classes. The Deans of School, Mr.Ronald Babulyan and Stefaan Simons, introduced Mr.Orynbayev with the state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, told about research achievements and innovation developments of the departments.
The newly launched laboratories will enable the University students an access to the equipment that corresponds to the international standards. The research and survey works in the field of modern areas of physics, chemistry, biology, robotics, mechanical engineering, engineering will be carried out in the laboratories.

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