Stress relief week for NU students

The NU Library & the NU Psychological Counselling Center hold an action on the psychological support of students from November 13 to November 24 prior to the beginning of the examination period.

The program of this action includes an adapted art-zone in the library created to relieve mental stress and correction of psycho-emotional state, which includes: requisites for origami, coloring for adults, making time-management planners, forms of setting SMART goals and more.

To relief the psycho emotional stress during preparation for the semester exams, NU Psychological Counseling Center 2 weeks conducted: relaxation, meditative and art sessions.

In the second week of the event (20 -24th of November) Kunde Cafe and NU Psychology Club were held:

  • Four day Art-therapy sessions in the Atrium (great appreciation to the psychologist, art therapist Zhemis Nurzhanova);
  • Master class from “Starbucks” coffee cooking and tasting;
  • An open microphone;
  • Dance flash mob;
  • Free hugs (Hugs day);
  • Humorous fighting with pillows (Pillow fight).