Second Graduation at Nazarbayev University

Students, their parents took part in the ceremony, as well as teaching staff, managers of large national companies and other guests. The list of ceremony participants included not only students, their families, and faculty, but also directors of large scale national companies, among other guests.


Nazarbayev University, created by the initiative of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in 2010, is the flagship of national education. This year the number of graduating students is 622, including 444 bachelor’s degree and 178 master’s degree graduates.


School of Science and Technology, School of Engineering and School of Humanities and Social Sciences Graduate School of Education; Graduate School of Business, Graduate School of Public Policy have the largest number of graduates. Among the popular specialties are electrical and electronic engineering, biological sciences, political science and international relations, mathematics, etc.


The total number of students in all seven schools since the founding of the University has risen to 3,300 people. Each year more than 700 students receive the grant. Applicants, who have received the highest results for the entrance exams, study at the University on the conditions of the state educational grant, covering the students’ costs for the entire period of study. Master and PhD programs are also covered by the state grant, with the exception of the Graduate School of Business. Nazarbayev University Schools are equipped with undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs, developed in partnership with leading universities around the world. Top national and international researchers are invited to the University to provide a link between education, science and industry, as well as to create an effective academic environment and to develop the human capital of the country.


This year, after graduating from the university, more than half of the graduates plan to start a career, while the others will continue their education at universities, occupying leading positions in the world ranking, as well as in the Nazarbayev University.

Information note on Nazarbayev University 2015 graduates:

The successful achievements of the first cohort of graduates of Nazarbayev University (2015) are evidence of high quality education, relevant specialties, effectiveness of the educational process and the level of training of specialists with high professional competencies and skills.

Of the 522 graduates of the first cohort, more than half (52%) received a job offer and were successfully employed according to their specialization. 40% (198 человек) of the graduates decided to continue their studies and were accepted to leading universities around the world, as well as Nazarbayev University. 178 of them study on master’s programs and 24 on doctoral programs.

Of all the employed graduates, 90% use the knowledge and experience acquired at NU in their chosen field of work. 106 people (39%) work in the education field, 44 people (16%) are employed at national and private companies. A group of 36 graduates (13%) have received an invitation to work at the world’s largest companies that provide auditing and consulting services, such as PWC, Ernst & Young, McKinsey, KPMG, Deloitte.

Geography of their studies is very wide. Most chose to study in European countries like the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, a number of graduates studies in US universities, countries of the Pacific region and the Asian continent. However, many graduates (14% of 40%) have decided to continue their education in Kazakhstan, on the basis of national universities to obtain a master’s degree and PhD.

Excellent performance and high academic achievements of the best graduates of NU became the key reasons to their successful entering an array of the top universities in the world, including, but not limited to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California at Berkeley, and Stanford University.