Scientific conference on regenerative medicine and healthy aging at Nazarbayev University

The Second International Conference on “Regenerative medicine and healthy aging” is taking place in Astana city on November 1-2. The conference organizer is the Center for Life Sciences at Nazarbayev University. 180 researchers from Europe, Asia and North America are attending the conference.

The opening ceremony was hosted by Shigeo Katsu, the President of Nazarbayev University, Almaz Sharman, the chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Center for Life Sciences, Zhaxybay Zhumadilov, CEO of the Center, Valery Benberin, the Chief of Administration of the Medical Center of the President of Kazakhstan.“Regenerative medicine is now one of the most exciting areas in biomedical research as it offers a number of promising opportunities for the future treatment of diseases such as cancer, neurological diseases, injuries and degenerative diseases,” said Shigeo Katsu, the President of Nazarbayev University.
During panel sessions on “Genomics and Personalized Medicine,” “Healthy Aging,” “Biomedical Engineering, Regenerative Medicine, Cellular Technologies and Therapies,” the current issues of advanced innovations in the field of regenerative medicine, the scientific basis of healthy aging, as well as the establishment of international partnerships in the development of innovative research areas in the field of gerontology and biomedicine will be addressed.“The successful experience of the first conference shows that our event is a platform for the exchange of information, establishment of partnerships, stimulation of ideas, and initiation of active discussions on regenerative medicine and healthy aging. During the two days’ time the plenary lectures, interactive sessions, oral presentations, poster presentations, and science books in the related fields will be presented,” said Zhaxybay Zhumadilov, the director of the Center for Life Sciences.
Scientists and experts in the field of genomics, gerontology, biomedicine and bioengineering are gathering the second time in Astana to discuss the latest trends and developments in the field of life sciences. For example, in the field of regenerative medicine the current research trend is to use the abdominal lymph nodes for the reconstruction of the liver and pancreas in humans. Several papers are devoted to the discussion of studies on mesenchymal stem cells contained in tubular bones of the hip joint. Nerve-point introduction of these cells may help to improve the performance of heart and other vital organs. Optimization and personalization of system diagnostics, prevention, prediction and treatment of diseases by identifying the individual characteristics of the body at the genome level are also one of the main challenges presented by many scientific research works.
The Center for Life Sciences at Nazarbayev University conducts active research in the above fields. Thus, one of the projects at Nazarbayev University in the field of regenerative medicine is to create an artificial child lung. Today, scientists at the Center for Life Sciences have developed a prototype of such a device. In the field of longevity medicine Nazarbayev University has launched a population-based study of people older than 50 years. The pilot study will start in Astana, the capital, and will involve 500 citizens. Population research methodology includes a survey, tests, and medical analysis. The study will allow the constructing of a general portrait of an average elderly citizen of Kazakhstan and identifying the patterns of age changes in Kazakhstan. In the future, this will enable the determination of the effect of genetic predisposition, age changes, and lifestyle habits, as well as the social and economic status of the healthy aging of our citizens.
The conference is of great scientific importance for scientists in Kazakhstan. It is an important step for a broad exchange of experience, establishment of strong international partnerships and contribution to the development of effective approaches in the development of regenerative medicine and medicine of longevity in our country.
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