School of Science and Technology professors were awarded with insignia badges

School of Science and Technology professors Anton Desyatnikov and Alexander Tikhonov were given the award “Білім берудің құрметті қызметкері” (”Honourable figure in a field of education”) and this honor was marked with them receiving insignia badges. Dr. Bruce Grossan, a researcher affiliated with the NU- Berkeley project, and Leader of Observation Astrophysics and Optical Instrumentation in the Energetic Cosmos Laboratory, was also recognized during the award ceremony.

Professor of Physics  Anton Desyatnikov was awarded for his research and publications in the field of materials and nanophotonics, successful educational activities and active participation in the work of the «Kazakh Physical Society».

Assistant Professor of Physics Alexander Tikhonov was awarded for his successful scientific research and construction of a new generation ion pulse accelerator (INURA) at NU in the framework of the target scientific program “NU-Berkeley”.

Dr. Bruce Grossan’s achievements include successful work on projects in astrophysics and cosmology related to cosmic gamma-ray bursts (GRB), far-infrared cosmic backgrounds, active galactic nuclei, and extragalactic extinctions. Currently, Dr. Grossan heads the project monitoring broadband optical tilt quick GRB.

The award ceremony was held at Nazarbayev University on February 7, 2019. The award badges were presented by Kanat Baigarin, the Advisor to the President of AEO “Nazarbayev University”.